New Store Set Released Today

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The store has updated today with a set that we showed you a bit of last week, the Ragtime In The Big Easy clothing set. This time, the clothing is based off of the 20s, so if you’ve got nostalgic sims or create machinima, this may be for you! Are the threads your cup of tea?


  1. Bruno Moreira says:

    Nice, this set would be nice with 70′s 80′s & 90′s SP! This Store Set is about 20′s! That’s like.. AWESOME.

  2. Titia Doowop says:

    Right after 70′s 80′s&90′s SP I find it a bit expensive…

  3. Lex says:

    The outfits in the preview photo are so BLARGH, but there are some beautiful dresses in this pack. Haven’t decided whether I’ll just pinch what I like individually or just bit the bullet and take the whole lot.

    Also, as a huge Dr Who fan, I love that some of the mens outfits totally look like things that Doctor has/would wear :D :D :D

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