Thank you, Royal Mail.

As you know, I visited EA Guildford last week for the SimCity Preview Event. At the event, we were given mouse mats to take home. I left before we were told we could take them, and so EA sent it to me in the post (which was very kind of them). Royal Mail, a postal courier in the UK, decided that it’d be great to shove it into our letter box (which is a box outside) and to make it fit completely fold the mouse mat in half.

Not impressed. Not at all. Have you ever had anything ruined due to the postal courier? They’ll definitely be hearing from me.

  • rsdworker

    well they should leave note if they was too large – you should complain directly to them and ask EA for new one i am sure they will sort out

  • BD5141

    Yep I think I would contact EA and let them know what happened. Hopefully they will send you another one.

  • UtterlyUnzipped

    It will depend on if EA marked the envelope as ‘Do Not Bend’. If not they will assume the contents are not damageable and not accept liability.

    It is a pain though, had it happen several times over the years, and it usually the companies fault for not labelling it correctly.

  • Spon1Player

    Update: EA sent me another mouse mat and put “DO NOT BEND” all over the packaging.

    Royal Mail said they’d have a word with the post man to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  • UtterlyUnzipped

    Glad to hear you got a new one Spon1Player!

  • BD5141

    I’m glad you got a new one and that was good of EA to send you another.

  • semi_conductor

    I’m still jealous. Truck you!

  • semi_conductor

    Can I have it??