Ask Your Sims 3 University Life Questions *Sticky*

Questions sent to EA. Thanks for sending in questions!

BeyondSims were invited out to a Sims 3 University event at EA Guildford, we were not able to attend and the event was also unfortunately cancelled by EA on Thursday.

EA will be holding a Q&A on the day and have given us the opportunity to participate. So if you want your University Life questions to be answered by a Sims 3 Producer, leave them in the comments below before February 10th.



  1. Rachel says:

    Will there be any new jobs/professions and /or any new recipes that come with university life?

  2. What is the new creature in University Life? Can Sims only use a laptop whilst sitting on the ground in the University world or can they at home. Also, can Sims of all ages use a laptop whilst sitting on the ground? What’s the official name of the University World? Are there any new vehicles in University Life? What about new radio stations? Can a Sim die if the soda machine falls on them or if the Murphy bed malfunctions?

  3. wertykelpie says:

    is there any new professions like ambitions ones?

  4. Leo says:

    Will any new music genres like College Rock be introduced?

  5. merchantfan says:

    For graduation, will we be allowed to invite people from home? If students get part-time jobs, will they be scheduled around their classes? If a Sim is employed when they go to university, will they still be employed when they return, even if they got a part-time job during university? How long is a term and are we able to adjust it?

  6. Evelyn Beatrice III says:

    +1 to the life state reveal.

  7. Damienf519 says:

    Here are my questions.

    1 Are the Hobby Shop and Comic book store the same type of venue.

    2 Will anything be sold at the Hobby Shop or Comic Book Store?

    3 If so, will we be getting new cash registers?

    4 Exactly Which new venues will work outside of the collage neighborhood and which will not?

    5 Will we be given additional classes or majors depending on what other expansion packs we have installed?

    6 If we have pets installed, will we encounter wild animals in and around the university?

    7. Will there be any new collectables?

  8. Dent says:

    1. Are there any new tattoos?

    2. What new occult/life state is there, if any?

    3. You’re able to rent out rooms in your dorm, can you do so in your house in the normal town?

    4. Any new food recipes? We know about the cafe and stuff already, I’m talking possible deserts, and actual gourmet food.

    5. Any new plants?

  9. Can the Sims admitted to University become celebrity?

    Are there any new accessories?

  10. catloverplayer says:

    The event in Sweden didn’t get cancelled yesterday just the one in the UK did.

  11. Spon1Player says:

    Never knew about an event in Sweden, but as we mentioned EA Guildford we were talking about the UK :)

  12. Ron says:

    What is the new creature in University Life?

  13. Jon says:

    can adults go to collage?

  14. rsdworker says:

    so how apartments in hometowns work – its would be like Dorms?

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