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The content is open to everyone worldwide and the winner will be announced once confirmed. Please use a valid email address when commenting. Answer must be correct for a chance of winning prize. If the selected winner fails to reply to our email within 48 hours, another winner shall be randomly selected. Winner will receive a physical version of the game only. reserves the right to substitute the prize with something of similar value in the rare event of us being unable to provide the prize. Competition closes on March 11th 2013 at 23:59 GMT. Entries made after this time will not be valid.


  1. Mike says:

    Founded in 2000 by Judson Hudson :)

  2. Ben Gilligan says:

    TheBlackScorpion….I think….Oh well, worth a shot!

  3. Scott says:

    You never said it had to be right! His name was Jason.

  4. electricchapel says:

    Jud, August 18th 2000 after his first day in high school.

  5. DJD703 says:


  6. Robb says:

    Jud Hudson, indeed. Anyone know if he keeps a blog elsewhere? I miss his unique sense of humor.

    Thanks to the current team for keeping things running.

  7. Cayl Baggayan says:

    Judson Hudson

  8. Cayl Baggayan says:

    Judson Hudson in mid August 2000

  9. karen says:

    Jud Hudson of course always read simprograms while browsing web

  10. Thomas says:

    Judson Hudson

  11. funnykid says:

    Judson Hudson

  12. Ezelle says:

    Judson Hudson

  13. Ben Lei says:

    judson hudson

  14. Elias says:

    Judson Hudson in 2000…
    Good luck everyone :)

  15. Dent says:

    Judhudson… aka Judson Hudson in 2000!

  16. meep says:

    Judson Hudson

  17. Surging says:


  18. Philip says:

    Judson Hudson

  19. lodelic says:

    Judson Hudson

  20. lodelic says:

    OOOps, sorry !

    Judson HUDSON !

  21. Becca says:

    Judson Hudson!!! I really want to try and play sims 2 and see the difference!!!

  22. Chiara says:

    Judson Hudson

  23. max says:

    I think it was Judson Hudson. I really hope I win. I would love to play the sims 2. never had it

  24. mary =D says:

    Judson Hudson, 2000

  25. atropat says:

    Judson Hudson

  26. Bloody says:

    Judson Hudson. My Jud. Miss you! :(

  27. AbaGayle says:

    I think it was Judson Hudson. (:

  28. Dovve says:

    Judson Hudson

  29. S!msfreak says:

    Judson Hudson

  30. Amber says:

    Judson Hudson Duh!!!

  31. Bruno Nogueira Marcienta says:

    Judson Hudson

  32. Bev'ly says:

    Judson Hudson

  33. Starrfoxx says:

    This is a tough one. His name was Jed, Jim, Jan, Jon… oh yeah, Jud. And his last name was like a river… Hudson. There we go, Judson Hudson.

  34. Kevin says:

    Judson Hudson

  35. Dan says:

    Judson Hudson

  36. TheHacker says:

    Founded by Judson Hudson aka Judhudson, in the fall of 2000 as

  37. Nando says:

    Jud(son) Hudson

    Good luck to everyone!

  38. Ally says:

    Judson Hudson

  39. Jonny says:

    Jud Hudson :)

  40. Tazreen says:

    Judson Hudson.

  41. Victor says:

    Judson Hudson :)

  42. Lowie says:

    Judson Hudson

  43. Thomas says:

    Judson Hudson!

  44. Founded in 2000 by Judson Hudson after his first day of high school

  45. TheVIPsims says:

    Judson Hudson in 2000!! :D

  46. allison says:

    Jud Hudson!

  47. Yannik Gogolin says:

    Judson Judson ;) year 2000

  48. Pur3Bolt says:

    I believe it was Judson Hudson. I still remember how he hated making videos of himself…hahah

  49. tchoutchou7 says:

    I think it’s Judson Hudson. I hope is it !

  50. Rosa Parks says:

    Judson Hudson

  51. Yessica says:

    judson hudson

  52. NonaXxP says:

    where i can play the sims free ?????

  53. Judhudson, aka Judson Hudson :P

  54. AnimeEmoCutie says:

    Judhudson, aka Judson Hudson

  55. Lucas says:

    It was Mr. Judson Hudson.

  56. sara says:

    Judson Hudson

  57. refal says:

    Judson Hudson

    i hope i win cuz i waited 5 years to have the sims :(

  58. bubblehead_nicky says:

    ED SIM?

  59. tolu says:

    Judson hudson

  60. Hal says:

    Judson Hudson

  61. TRUEleadr says:

    Judson Hudson

  62. Faith says:

    I believe it was Judson Hudson. I remember how he hated making videos of himself.

  63. Teodora says:

    Judson Hudson, I think?

  64. Manirattan says:

    Judson Hudson

  65. JuliGarcia says:

    Judson Hudson

  66. MagicPotato says:

    Judson Hudson

  67. Lisa says:

    Jud Hudson August 18, 2000

  68. Lexie says:

    Judson Hudson!

  69. sandra says:

    Jud hudson a.k.a Judson hudson
    created this webpage and became the owner at August 18,2000
    hope i win ………i am a crazy fan of

  70. sandra says:

    i am so sorry if my answer is late my damm computer wont process and then i had to go to all of my friends so that i can send the answer
    hope you understand my hard ship.
    thank you

  71. sandra says:

    you (realesed it as the
    and you released it with great prompt
    may god bless you asnd your family
    thank you for creating this webpage
    i <3 you

  72. Samantha says:

    judson hudson

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