New Store Set Sneak Peak

SimGuruTatertot recently posted a blog update with a sneak peak of a new store set that’s comming on March 7th (This Thrusday).
It looks like a Cinema themed set! And look at the TV Screen!


  • Nick

    Wow, that would be cool to finally have a real theater in our mansions.

  • JohnBigOz

    But..but…god damn it.. I’m actually tempted to buy this stuff now :(

  • Process Denied

    I wonder why there are end tables between all the chairs? Curious.

  • Mikehh

    In some Cinemas (In the UK anyway) they have tables between the chairs so people can put their popcorn and drinks and snacks on them.

  • http://www.beyondsims.com Josh


    I think ur refering to the ‘Gallery’ at the Odeon. They have tables in between the big leather comfy seats! That looks like what americans have in their homes or apartments, they have shared theaters on a big screen.