SimCity Survey Suggests Offline Mode & More

Video Gamer reports Maxis have released a survey to some users which asks them about which features they’d like to see in the future. Among these features are subways, an offline mode and terraforming. It appears Maxis are doing a complete U-Turn and want to win fans back.

I personally think all of these things would make a great addition and make this SimCity, which is great, the best SimCity yet and attract people who were turned off by always-online functionality and the disastrous launch. But the question remains: why wasn’t this in the game at launch?!



  1. nick21989 says:

    If they add bigger cities/cities without boundaries, terraforming, and an offline mode, it will make quite a large amount of people happy. Should have been in the game from the beginning. Some of these other options sound very nice as well. All in all it’s a great game with huge potential for expansions that really open it up more and add what we want.

  2. Andrew says:

    LOL @ roundabout they are called traffic circles. 😛 Seriously though, depending on where you are from they can be called either or.

    Anyways, ALL yes ALL of those should have been in the game!!! Seriously… but the MAIN reason why I’ve yet to buy this game is the lack of offline mode. It’s a must. I can’t always be online so please PLEASE give us the offline mode. Thanks. 😉

  3. acee says:

    The City Evolution intrigues me. Will it be like a campaign mode? I hope it gets implemented.
    Though what I really want were those things about the betterment of the traffic system, especially the bus and the street car line sequencing and the one way roads and of course the subway.
    I hope these things will get implemented. I mean, all these, I don’t care when, just implement them Maxis! 😛

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