Nostalgia Sunday: The Sims 1 Trailer

Welcome to a new weekly segment on Beyond Sims, called Nostalgia Sunday! Every Sunday we’ll be posting a blast from the past so prepare for a trip down nostalgia road.

Our first bit of nostalgic content is The Sims 1 trailer! It seemed appropriate to start with one of the oldest pieces of Sims content. The first ever trailer for the franchise before it became the global phenomenon that we know it as today. Check it out below!


  1. macthekat says:

    I have never seen this video before! And I played so much sims 1. I had forgotten how bad the animations was. But I think if I had seen this trailer I am not very likely to have played the game. So I am happy it is the first I have seen of it. But it is a lot of fun to look back.

  2. snootysims says:

    I remember this one. I think it came on one of the SimCity discs. When I saw it, I knew that was a game I just got to have.

  3. Zack Casey says:

    I love that trailer.

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