New Sims 4 Avatars Shared On Twitter

As we’re all anxiously awaiting more information about The Sims 4, it appears that some the SimGuru’s want to have a little bit of fun with us!

SimGuruRyan and SimGuruMartin have updated their Twitter profiles with all-new Sims 4 avatars. Ryan’s is a self-sim, so we can presume that Martin’s is as well.

Check them out below!

UPDATE – SimGuruShannon has shared a Sims 4 version of herself too!

  • John

    Wow their hair and clothes look really good! I hope we get alot of variety. So excited. 😀

  • JohnBigOz

    Hmmm… they look… rather… pudgy don’t they?

  • Brick

    Looks like they removed the awesome shading that the sims had back at gamesom. These look almost like the sims 3 just because of how flat they are. I sure hope that changes.

  • merchantfan

    Yeah, I like the styles of hair and clothes if not the shading on the hair. At least we’ll get better base clothes than the Sims 3. Some of that stuff was soooo heinous.

  • merchantfan

    Also, I just noticed– the picture on top shows two colorful drinks. Hope those are usable and not just decor. I hated how we mostly just got water colored drinks in Sims 3– especially the nectar which was especially disappointing.

  • El

    Pudgy means fat and short. AND THEY DO NO LOOK LIKE THAT! You used the wrong word.