The Sims 4: 2 New CAS Screenshots

EA have released two new screenshots for The Sims 4! One was released yesterday and the other was only just released as of writing this article.


The above image shows some off make up in The Sims 4, which we will see in more detail in tomorrows CAS video.


Would you invite this Sim to your party?


  1. Tom says:

    The guy looks fine, quite realist actually, but I still feel like the woman looks like a doll, very plastic-like. I hope the hair has flow and movement to it to add at least some realism to this new design!

  2. JohnBigOz says:

    Anybody ever noticed that sims aren’t meant to be real? And are meant, in fact? be doll-like? Think about it. Sims 3 is NOT a simulation it’s a SANDBOX Simulation, it’s not based on facts but a ficitonal universe where time flies in seconds and sims are controled by an unknown entity known as Watcher.

  3. SimsVeteran says:

    I see the clothing still doesn’t have bump/normal mapped edges and look lie they are painted on like in all the previous games :(

    Can’t EA afford decent programmers/designers? It’s hard to believe they also produce the CryEngines and the Frostbite Engine!!

    Come on EAxis… it’s 2014, the first 4GHz CPU will be out soon, PCs come with 6Gb or more RAM as standard, most peoples GPU’s come with 2Gb or more memory!

    Put in the choice! May all the fancy graphics disableable for those with lower spec/older machines, but put it all in there for those of us who can run it!!

    @johnBigOz: The Sims was/is supposed to be a life simulator… The Sims in The Sims 1 were as good as could be done at the time, but each iteration of the game has lagged further and further behind what is possible at the time… Those of us who played it from the beginning want it more realistic not less!1

  4. BeyondSims says:

    I’m quite pleased with the artistic style of the game; I personally feel realistic graphics just wouldn’t suit the franchise and it’s quirkiness. While I can see why people want ‘better’ graphics, I think the game itself looks great.

    When you really dig deep into the environments that we’ve seen so far, the detail is fantastic. And The Sims 3’s performance isn’t exactly perfect, so I can see why EA want to make sure it’s a solid game and focus on performance. It really reminds me of TS2, in a good way.

  5. BeyondSims says:

    I can see where people are coming from, but I think it works and looks good; especially when you see the town in the latest Sims 4 video. But each to their own and I appreciate where you’re coming from.

  6. Pelopony says:

    oh my god. Looks awful :(
    Those graphics is not what we want EA, just have a look at the moding community have done and maybe you will got the idea of what we want

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