Details on Riverview, the 2nd Sims 3 town

MaxiodDrea posted a note at the official Sims 2 BBS to answer those who are questioning Riverview – what it looks like, if it’s free and how to obtain it.

Hi everyone,
Its seems many of you have questions about the new town named Riverview that will be available on June 2nd. To clarify, Riverview is a free downloadable town that will be offered through The Sims 3 Store. This town will let you add even more Lots, Stories, and Sims into your game. Riverview is a whole separate town from Sunset Valley, set on an idyllic country side. It’s dotted with farms and nestled by a winding river. This sleepy little town comes with an entirely new set of inhabitants with secrets for your Sims to uncover! Riverview is offered to game registered players on www.TheSims3.com. Players can play the game offline once they’ve downloaded the town.

Hopes this helps to clarify your questions.


Something tells me I may end up spending more time playing with Riverview than Sunset Valley – I love farms.  Please make an farming/country expansion happen!  😀


  1. Swatme101 says:

    Wow, the only thing fishy about it and decieving is that she wrote ” you can add new houses” which makes it look like she’s saying new lots.

  2. J says:

    I’d kill for a haunted house!

    Oh! Wait a minute. It is going to be possible, nice!

    With Riverview you can have spooky neighbors and haunted country houses an barns, he he!

  3. TheSidDog says:

    Riverview sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see the layout. I wonder if we can move Sims between neighborhoods. I also wonder if Sims can invite other Sims between neighborhoods.

    @ Swatme: How are you confused? “Lots” and “houses” are used interchangeably in The Sims. Nothing “deceptive” about that.

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