The Sims 3 Exclusive Extra Game Content and Online Offerings!

You do know all of the awesome content we will be getting with the Sims 3, right?  Sure, while the pirates are off playing an un-finished version of the game, us fans will wait it out – the 2nd town, 1000 SimPoints and the Sims 3 Exchange is worth every minute of it!  EA wants to remind you of that fact as well, this gem just dropped in my inbox.

Bigger pics of the screens at the bottom of this article, thanks to EA for sending them, and thanks to AlalaSims for posting these up for me (I couldn’t open the EA screens at this time)

image001 by you.

The Sims 3 Exclusive Extra Game Content and Online Offerings!

Download Riverview—An All-New Town to Expand Your Game on Launch Day

On the day The Sims 3 launches, you can log onto www.TheSims3.com to download an all-new town called Riverview plus gain access to 1,000 SimPoints to purchase items on The Sims 3 Store. Plus, you can create your own movies using the Create-a-Movie tool.

image002 by you. image003 by you.

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Unlock a second town, exclusively available for you to download & expand your game.

Riverview is a complete town set in a countryside, that’s dotted with farms and nestled by a winding river. This seemingly sleepy little town comes with an entirely new set of inhabitants with secrets for you uncover.

Get 1,000 SimPoints to customize your game with additional in-game items from The Sims 3 Store.

At launch, The Sims 3 Store will include hundreds of all-new, exclusive items for you to download into the game. The Sims 3 Store will feature a variety of new outfits, hairstyles, furniture, home décor, and architectural items to customize your Sims appearance and houses in all-new ways. Each month, The Store will release additional, never-seen-before themed items.

Unleash your creativity & share content with other players at TheSims3.com:

The Exchange: Building off of The Sims 2 Exchange’s success of more than 100M downloads, The Sims 3 Exchange highlights featured player created items, most popular downloads, powerful search and browser capabilities, along with giving players the ability to see what other players are recommending.

Create a Movie and Create a Story: New easily accessible tools inspire creativity and allow players to create movies and stories and then show them off or share them with friends. Players can show off their Movies with the Create-a-Movie Tool by embedding them on external sites or with an email link back to their Movie on www.TheSims3.com.

My Page and My Studio: The Sims 3 product site will allow players to maintain their profile pages on their My Page section as well as offering them the new My Studio section to manage all their creations – Movies, stories, Exchange objects. My Page is also a blog space where players can post news, customize it with a personal avatar, track favorites and more. Users can make friends with other The Sims 3 players and share their content across a number of social network sites.

LuckyBike2 MeadowTendingPlants2 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-31 FishingSerene AftermoonTea AtTheLibrary2 DancingToLessen2 LuckyFishing NewOverview Screenshot-181 RemingtonDadAndDaughter2ts3_riverview_fishingtreasure


  1. Kalan says:

    Why are all the idiots assuming the an unfinished version was leaked even though it’s the same copy that was send to the press? Are you really that stupid to think that they are gona sell us a beta version?? Besides, on the day of the release all you have to do is switch the cracked exe back to the original and use the game disc to get online. You don’t even need to uninstall the game -.-

  2. Srikandi says:

    A bit ironic that they’re touting the store as a good reason to get a legal copy, heh. Nice screens though :)

  3. J says:

    @ Kalan

    I think you don’t need to remove the crack, as it only gets you to play without the CD. But for better results uninstalling the whole game would be better.

    I don’t think they’re going to reconsider SecuROM. They should have seen this coming when making the preparations for the “serial key only” system. I don’t believe they just made the decision out of nothing, they must have thought about it for some time and actually consider a leak of the game. Which is what really happened.

  4. Jenn says:

    You all can stop with all the pirate talk. Good for you, you’re a theif! Nobody (as in real human beings that have patience) cares, so take your pirate talk to pirate websites. This is a Sims News site.

  5. Captain Jack Sparow says:

    Well piracy is bad:) but most of the wester folk don’t know is that 95% of the kids in easter europe, central asia and other undeveloped areas can’t buy this because of the price.It may lock small cash for some of you but in some of those places that money counts for about about 25% or evan half of a months pay.Piracy is like Robin Hood it takes from the rich it gives to the poor.

  6. Nenito says:

    Captain Jack Sparow, you took the words right out of my mouth, don’t forget other places like south America too, I have family there, and I know for a fact that the price of the game is over 75% of there pay check, which really sucks, and well for people here, with the economy is horrible and so many businesses closed, there are a lot of people who have no jobs and can’t afford things now, so think of it just like Captain Jack Sparow said, Robin Hood takes from the rich and gives to the poor. now your lucky you can afford the game, because I know many can’t

  7. Stan says:

    Its possible to be a pirate AND a paying fan.

    Im enjoying my 2 week “unrestricted trial” of the game while I wait to be able to actually buy it on release day.

    It just makes me an impatient fan.

  8. jonas says:

    i hate the store though… i mean, if you buy the game you should get the game. And not waste more money on extra content. And if they want to counter the piracy, then they should just enable the people who bought the game to download the extra content. I mean, eventually the pirates will pirate the seperate objects too… so yeah..

  9. Pirates Rule says:

    as of May 26 the Pirates are playing a final release version of the Sims 3. And do you really think the downloadable content is pirate proof? I guarantee that after 1 week of release there will be torrents for all the extra content that paying customer have access to. The only thing a paying customer is gonna get is a reoccuring bill for SIMPOINTS yay! EA’s new method of monthly subscription fee. You have to buy simpoints from them to download the new content each month. Why release an item and texture creator when you can get one guy to make 5-10 new items per month taking him a total of 3 hours per month to do so then charging the loyal customers $10 worth of sim points to download this content. Paying customers are clueless

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