Custom Content and Sims 3 hair

There is now a thread at the official Sims 3 forum which lists links to many fansites with Custom Content.  I urge you to view it for the latest updates.

I’ve been dropping the ball when it comes to posting Sims 3 modding-related news.  A number of sites have already broken the custom-content barrier and are now providing custom clothing, patterns, hair meshes and tweaks to the games (objects are coming, but need more time). Thanks to Sims 3 Nieuws, they’ve directed me to a post by SimGuruHydra containing a few CC links:

Simmers are really quick to find great CC from these sites:
and many others…!

And for those who are looking for new hair styles, I urge you to check this webpage out.


  1. Lucy says:

    That page doesn’t work for me. It says account bandwidth reached. Is there another page like it? I loooooved that page.

  2. Jackie says:

    How can I access the custom hair when I play Sims3?
    If I installed all the “.package” files and everything, how do I put it on my Sims when I’m playing?

  3. Giuseppe says:

    Sharing other peoples work will not lower your authority, that’s a common misconception. Some blog owners try and not to link to others because they are selfish and do not want to let their readers leave their websites. And blog commenting is a really good way to increase trafic. Just so people can join in with the conversation and stay for longer, that’s the best

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