The Sims 3 Patch 1.4.6 – Now available to download!

Man…I don’t ever recall a Sims game getting as many patches as much as we have been.  I for one am actually shocked to see how well The Sims Team is on the ball pumping out fixes.  Sure, there are a number of errors that still need to be corrected but at least they appear to be looking at solving them!  And you can’t really blame it on sloppy coding, you have to give them credit – they are trying.  :)  Let’s keep it that way, EA for a near bug free game.

Many of you can download the v1.4.6 Patch by grabbing it thru the Launcher, but in case you are having issues, I have all 5 patch versions available to download straight from this site!

The Sims 3 Patch v1.4.6
Source: The Sims 3.com
Copyright: Maxis/EA

****** For Download instructions, read below! ******

This patch will update your game from 1.3.24 to version 1.4.6.  Below is a complete list of changes:

  • PC Only: Addressed an issue where a user was unable to uninstall The Sims™ 3 if the 1.3 update was interrupted.
  • Mac Only: Fixed a problem that prevented players from installing custom content after installing the 1.3 update.

The Files:

  • If you have and need to update to Sims3_1.4.6.00001: Download Here
  • If you have and need to update to Sims3_1.4.6.00002: Download Here
  • If you have and need to update to Sims3_1.4.6.00003: Download Here
  • If you have and need to update to Sims3_1.4.6.00005: Download Here
  • If you have and need to update to Sims3_1.4.6.00107: Download Here

Before Installing:

Some users have reported issues with installing the patch when their mods are still in.  To do this, go to your Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder. Note that is in PROGRAM FILES – not in My Documents.  Select the Mods folder there. Right-click and choose Cut.  Go to your computer’s Desktop. Right-click and choose Paste. It may take a few moments as the files cut and paste from one location to the other.

Special thanks to Connor from SimOperations for the mention :)

  • Thomas

    Yay for patches! Hey, you haven’t answered me back about the DXDIAG i emailed you! Just wondering if you got it and what you needed it for?! Hope you can help!!!! 😀

  • Thomas

    Never mind! Just got your email now! I will do everything you told me and get back to you! THANKS SO MUCH!! 😀

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      No problem. Signing off for the night. Hope it’ll get you back to working! If not, surely there is a way – your machine’s components are fine otherwise!

  • Nathalie

    Hey, thanks for the update on the new patch
    but do you have a 1.2.7 to 1.4.6 patch too? since I couldn’t update to 1.3, I can’t install this patch

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Can’t update to 1.3.24? Is it an error with the launcher or the patch won’t install? Cause I have all versions of the patch in the Sims 3 Patches section. I do believe you have to install that patch in order to update to the next one.

  • WyldJoker

    Is it me or is the list of fixes for the latest patch the same as the previous one?

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      The 1.4.6 patch only corrected two major issues (which is why the patch size is smaller than the 1.3) :)

  • P1nt@$

    I tried to update to the patch but in the final of the installation give me a error “Invalid file error”. Solutions?

    I think the problem is the file Shaders_Win32.precomp because I replace it to remove the censure.

    Thanks for the upload! ; )

    P.S: Sorry my bad English…

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      More than likely that is possibly it. It does not like ANY modifications to the game’s file. I had the issue with the 1.3.24 patch and it was because I had changed the camera.ini file. Had to copy the original from the CD to my harddrive to get it to install. You’d have to do the same (and any other files you may of touched)

  • http://www.sim-wolf.webs.com Sim-Wolf

    :( This patch and the last patch have only made my game crash more and make the music and intro videos jam. I wish they’d make a fix for the common crash to desktop a lot of people are having. It makes the game unplayable and is really frustrating.

  • P1nt@$

    Yes… Sim-Wolf is right about the gameplay but is a problem that won’t be fixed… I think…

    My error “file not found” happen because the file TSLHost.dll!

  • P1nt@$

    Install another time the patch 1.3 and then the 1.4 (and crack if u have downloaded the game)

  • http://www.fotolog.com/liila_8 camila

    Hola amigos y amigas, por favor estoy en un dilema…
    no puedo actualizar mi juego, mi versión es 1.0.632.00002 y no lo puedo actualizar a ningun volumen…
    puedo actualizarlo si tengo esa versión directo a la versi´n 1.4??
    por favor… necesito su ayuda…

  • http://www.fotolog.com/liila_8 camila

    Hello friends, Please I am in a dilemma …
    I can not update my game, my game version is 1.0.632.00002 and I can not upgrade to any size …
    can I upgrade my game directly to that version version 1.4?
    please … I need your help …

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      you have to download the 1.2.7 patch first, then the 1.3.24 patch and then 1.4.6 patch.

  • Ace1

    whats the differnece between program files and documents. i cant seem to find pragram files. dumb question i know

  • Ace1

    program files??? where is it. i found documents. whats the difference. i have a hp pc

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Your Documents folder contains the EA folder where custom content and other misc. Sims 3 files are installed. The ‘Program Files’ is usually a folder that contains many other folders where various programs/applications are installed to (by default). I’m sure I probably confused you even more…I suck at explaining things 😛

  • Phoenix_Aeris

    I am trying to upgrade from version to But for some reason i get that “invalid file found”. I have tried changing the files that people have mentioned here when theirs failed, but yet it still says the same thing. I have also taken my mods folder out when i do this.

    Any ideas?

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Somewhere down the line, a file was changed. Either by a mod or hack. Can you remember what may of caused it?

  • Ash

    for fails updates patch due to mod files. You just need to put back the original Resource.cfg file to Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ and the Shader_Win32 files in Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ game/bin
    After updates done paste back the 2 mod files .

  • http://simprograms keke

    Thank you soooooooooo much really LOL :)

  • Isaac

    I cannot even update The Sims 3 1.0.6 to 1.2.7 at all! I’m so frustrated! I have download the patch to 1.2.7 and it said “File Not Found”. Please i need a huge help here!

  • Isaac

    “for fails updates patch due to mod files. You just need to put back the original Resource.cfg file to Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ and the Shader_Win32 files in Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ game/bin
    After updates done paste back the 2 mod files.” from Ash

    I can’t understand it. Please explain it properly, cause im in a huge trouble rite now

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Put the CD in your drive and navigate to the contents on the CD. Find the Resource.cfg file (should be in the same directory on the CD) and copy and paste it to the directory on your harddrive :)

  • Isaac

    that didn’t work for me! but anyway, thanx Judhudson, it still says “File not found” when i still try to update the 1.0.3 game 1.2.7. Any help pleasseee?

  • http://www.sketchstone.com Sketch

    Thank you so much. You have no idea how close I have been to mashing my copy of Sims3. The launcher steadfastedly refuses to install ANY patches, claiming I have a full PC (untrue). After three clean installs later and fruitless hours searching the net for patches to download which never installed, I found you. Your site is clear, helpful, and for the first time has ‘versions’ of the various patches. I DLed them one at a time and installed and they worked perfectly. So up yours EA launcher and THANK YOU simprograms.com. If there was a donate button, I would use it, despite being skint.

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Well thanks for the kind comments :) Just glad that I could help. :)

  • morganne

    I cant find my mods file.

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Eh? There is no specific mod file, it’s just if you used mods or made any changes to the core game files, you need to restore them before you install the patch or you will get an error. If you haven’t changed anything then you should be able to install without any issues :)

  • karan

    i cant update i am new in sims 3 and i cant update it with the patch it sead wrong region can you help me

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      You need to open up your launcher and look at the very bottom for the game version. The last digits (5 numbers) should tell you what region you have. Download the appropriate patch ending in those numbers and it should work.

  • Irene

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the patch but it doesn’t work… where do I have to put it in my computer files? because I don’t know where I do have to save it…

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      it’s an executable, so anywhere is fine. If it does not work, it could be that you have downloaded the wrong patch version or the famous “Invalid File Found” error (in which some of your files were changed via you, and you’ll have to restore them by copying them from the CD back to your computer)

  • Hana

    omgsh. i need serious help!!! I reinstalled sims 3 on my comp but when i try to install the 1.2.7 again, it says that it found no sims 3 on my comp even though i’m sure there is! what do i do?

    • Judhudson

      Did you uninstall the game and then re-installed? I can’t give you a proper answer, but I’d think that would have something to do with a registry that should of removed when you uninstalled the game (and will be recreated when you reinstall it)…

  • Auhhhh

    Helooou can anyone help me???? I buy sims 3 world adventures and it needs some update…1.3 i mean………….And when i tried to install it says file not found for code_version! i do everything copy paste shaders_Win32…..I change my code i do everything but it wont install it…Can anyone help me??

    Sorry for my bad English i’m from croatia!!!!!!!

  • RaZoR

    Karen, not sure if you have solved your issue or not, but if you get a region error, you can rectify this by simply going to “start” , “run”, then typing “regedit” and either hit enter, or click “ok”, once opened, on the left side, click the + next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SOFTWARE, then SIMS, and finally THE SIMS. Next double click SKU, and it will open a DWORD value window, change the number from 1 -7, (2 works for the majority of people), after you change the number, hit enter…try your patch, if it doesn’t work, try a different number until you hit the right one 😀 good luck!

  • Anonymous

    for wrong region
    goto run>regedit
    double click SKU
    Change the value data with 2

    after that, open or launch the sims 3 and it will automatically updating to the newest one..i tried this one already and it works. Now my the sims 3’s version is

    try it..gbu :)

  • http://www.yahoo.com em

    hello, i have downloaded version 1.4.001, and it say error with start up please check log, so i do soo and i dont get it still wont work!

  • Vix

    I’m stuck on version 1.0.631.00002.
    Yeah? Random?
    Keeps saying there’s an invalid file…

  • David

    I’ve been working on this “invalid file error” problem for days and you guys seem to be the only ones who show any progress. The game has never been modded, I have replaced the Shaders file with the one on the dvd. I have replaced the resource file with the one on the dvd and nothing works. Presumably the files were the same as the dvd since the game has never been modded. My World Adventures patched fine, (backwards I know, something I read somewhere else help me do it), but it means nothing because I cant seem to update the original. I need help. My wife wont let me rest until this is fixed.

  • David

    Okay I think I got it. What worked for me was to download each patch individually. I downloaded them from this site, not the manager. I’m up to the 1.6 patch now and it seem to be going smoothly. Thanks everyone for the input, even the ones dating back six months. Every little bit helped.

  • jyokom

    I tried using your updates and they all said that the game requires a different region. I am in the US. Do you have a patch for that? 

  • jyokom

    & I have changed the SKU to 2 and still get the message.

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      I think the US versions are the ones ending in “001”

  • canon

    Hi! I had that invalid file error for Sims3_1.4.6.00002_from_1.3.24.00002 I simply downloaded the “1” version and changed the registry before and after the patch. good luck!

  • KJP

    I dont know if your still active but after downloading all the patches my crack stopped working and it said ‘No Cd’ when I pressed the TS3.exe….

  • http://www.gamesms.us Ultimate Source The Sims 3 Updates

    try this post very useful for all The Sims 3 updates


  • Anonymous

    “hello, i have downloaded version 1.4.001, and it say error with start up please check log, so i do soo and i dont get it still wont work!”

    I have a similar problem. Just dowloaded the latest patch, and am having the same error message… HELP!

  • Dan
  • Jessebied

    I have and it says there are no updates avilible at the main menu in the Sims 3. But when I download content it says I need to update my game, please E-mail me what I’m doing wrong thank you =)

  • http://sims3 karola

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  • http://Website Darwin
  • http://Website Juliet

    Pls help me,i just finish installing the sims 3 and when i click the sims updates it says the application has failed and msvcp100 was not found .pls email me quickly!!!