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New Late Night and Showtime Lot Options in Patch 1.36

Many thanks to SimsVIP and Velocitygrass on Mod The Sims Some info about what’s in the GameplayData.package: The fix for the Showtime performers using Late Night lots appears to go […]

Diesel Stuff Loading Screen!

SimGuruKarsky Answers Supernatural Questions!

Source: SimsVIP SimGuruKarsky Hi Simmers! I’ve been reading through all your great questions and thought it was time to check in and get some more answered. Going along with our grouping […]

EA Independence Day Sale!

EA is hosting a mobile game sale for Independence day! List of all available games:

UK Charts for Week of June 30th

Ba-da! They’re heeerreee!

The Sims 2 Loading & Neighborhood Themes for The Sims 3

I know most of you have a nostalgic crave for TS2 music, and would like it even better if it made a return in TS3 like TS1: Makin’ Magic did […]

Preview of Sims 3 Game Update 1.36?

Source: SimsVIP Interesting update.. and SimsVIP makes a good point. 1.36? Are they mixed up?

Two New Renders of SimCity!

I think these are awesome! Do you think this will be the final quality of SimCity?  Source: OS Games EA