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I have been an author on this website since early 2011 and became the owner in November 2012, where I later rebranded the site as BeyondSims. I have been playing Maxis games since around 2001 starting with SimCity 3000 and The Sims 1. Apart from managing this site, I study Information Technology at University and listen to a lot of Shania Twain.


Community Spotlight: Interview with Cinderellimouse


With 15 years of Simming experience behind her, this Community Spotlight focuses on community member Cinderellimouse.

When did you start playing The Sims? What made you want to try it out?

I’ve been playing since the very first Sims base game was released!  My best friend and I were really into telling soap-opera style stories and had this whole cast of characters!  A lot of their stories and personalities were in our minds and we projected these stories onto Barbie dolls (embarrassing confession moment).  So when we saw the box art of The Sims in the local toy shop we instantly knew it was perfect for us!  I remember we basically camped out in the toy shop for about a week, staring at the box and imagining which of the sims on the front would be which of our character!  I looked at that box so much that I can still recall the images now, 15 years later!

S4 crafts woodworking

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First Sims 4 Expansion Pack ‘Moved to FY16′


Following on from EA’s impressive Q3 financial results yesterday, EA has shared that the first Sims 4 expansion has been moved to FY16, so it could release any time after the next financial quarter (Q4).

The reduction in our Q4 revenue expectation is based on uncertainty around future currency movements and the decision to move EA SPORTS PGA TOUR and the first Sims 4 expansion pack to FY16.

In addition to this, the following was said about The Sims 4 and Maxis:

Our Maxis studio delivered three major game updates to The Sims 4 during Q3, providing fun new content and adding some of the most-wanted community features. Each update has driven more players to engage with The Sims 4, and we have plans to continue delivering fresh content and gameplay to the vibrant Sims community.

EA’s FY16 begins in April 2015, so this is the earliest an expansion will release.

So who’s ready to begin guessing at what this first EP could be?


Sources: EA’s Q3 Financial Script, SimsCommunity

Passion For The Game This Quarter


Alongside it’s quarterly financial results, EA have published a fun infographic about it’s games.

And as you’d expect, it includes fun facts about The Sims 4, SimCity BuildIt and The Sims FreePlay!


Community Spotlight: Full House Mod


On today’s community spotlight we’re taking a look at a very handy game mod… the Full House Mod.

Created by TwistedMexi this mod allows you to add more than 8 Sims to a household. The ‘stable’ version of the mod allows up to 9 and the ‘experimental’ mod, not designed for lower-end machines, allows you to have up to 24 playable Sims in your household.

This mod is particularly handy if you want more control over your Sims or maybe if you wish to make machinima.

View on ModTheSims


:!: We can’t take any responsibility for the content of third-party mods. Ensure you follow all instructions prior to installing.

Community Spotlight: Suburban Dream House


On today’s Community Spotlight we take a look at the Suburban Dream House which was created by Fischio7 on The Sims 4 gallery.

This is an amazing 50×50 lot which will cost your Sims §371,501 simoleons! But hey, it’s a dream house right? It features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a gorgeous interior and exterior.

Download from The Gallery

UK Game Charts (Week Ending 24th January 2015)


It’s Monday and time to take a glance at the UK PC Game Charts for the previous week.

The Sims 4 remains at 2nd place with Football Manager 2015 holding the number one spot. Interestingly, The Sims 3 Starter Bundle has shot up from 19th to grab 7th place in the chart.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.06.22