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An Update on The Sims 3 & Little Kids Rock!

So remember sometime last year EA had special versions of the guitar and other stuff for buying Simpoint bundles? Well portions of the money from each bundle sale went to […]

The Cowplant Is Now Available For Individual Purchase!

HEY! HEY! KIDS! (Does Krusty Laugh) That crazy Cowplant is FINALLY available by itself! That means you don’t have to buy that whole set of decor items or do that […]

EA Spain, The Sims 3 Demo and Free Games

So EA Spain is currently doing this contest/giveaway thing. All you gotta do is make a Sim in the Sims 3 Demo and take a screen shot of it and […]

Sims Galore Says Goodbye Forever…

Tears of sadness fill the void caused by EA’s treatment of The Sims Franchise. Today Sims Galore announced that they will shut down on February 1st. Read below for more […]

The Sims Social Now Available in Brazilian Portuguese!

Cool! Source: The Sims Style

Early Screen Shot of The Sims 3?

Check it out! Source: Ricon Del Simmer

Dr Pepper-EA Promo Ending Soon!

Oh, no! OH, YEAH!!! Shut up Koolaid Man! Oh… Hi. Yes it’s sad but true. Soon the deal/promo/in game advertising agreement between EA and my beloved Dr Pepper will END! […]

172 Screens from the Master Suite Chat!

Check it out! Special thanks to SimCookie for the screen shots.