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2 More Into The Future Screens

Sims.Mixei.Ru has posted two new pics! They’re of the same Sim and object as the previous one, but of her interacting with it instead of fearing it.


1st Screen of The Sims 3: Into The Future!

Well well, look what The Sims Facebook shared today! Source: SimCookie

Ocean Quigley Leaves Maxis and Starts Jellygrade

Andrew Willmott. Dan Moskowitz and Ocean Quigley have left EA/Maxis and have started a new studio called Jellygrade that will make Simulation games. The first one they are working on […]

UK Charts 7-13-13

UK Charts 7-13-13

Island Paradise is still number one! w00t!

Another Store Preview!

Gotta love SimGuruTatertot for sharing these pics!


Pre-Order The Sims 3 Movie Stuff @ EB Games

EB Games New Zealand has listed Movie Stuff for pre-order. So all you Kiwi Simmers out there, pre-order today! Source: SimCookie


-BREAKING NEWS- The Sims 2 Games Removed From Origin!!!

Holy freakin’ green and blue plumbobs! ALL The Sims 2 games have vanished from Origin! Have reached out to Origin for more info and will update when they reply. Stay […]


What’s Coming in SimCity Patch 6.0?

A new SimCity blog has risen from the forums of EA Emeryville. Check out the fixes coming soon! Update 6 Changes Currently in Testing We are testing changes to how […]