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Origin: New Year Sale (50% off Sims 4!)


Origin are holding a New Years sale where you can grab up to 50% off tonnes of PC games! With The Sims 4 standard edition only £24.99 and SimCity at £4.99, there’s plenty of deals for Sims fans! :)

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Maxis Working On “Brand New Sims Title”


Maxis are currently seeking a designer in Redwood City, CA, where The Sims Studio is located. This designer will be tasked with the job of working on a “brand new Sims title”.

As a Technical Designer, you’ll be working with a large (but tight-knit) team of enthusiastic industry professionals from all walks of life. Your job will be to design and create user-facing content in a brand new Sims title using our internal scripting tools.

This could be one of two things: an expansion pack/downloadable content or a brand new game. Since The Sims 4 was only released two months ago and the team are still working on free updates, I would lean more towards an expansion pack. But a new title can take a few years to develop so I wouldn’t mind seeing The Sims 4 Medieval * hint hint EA ;) *

Do you think you could fill the role of Technical Designer? Check out the job listing on the EA Careers website!

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Origin: Up to 50% off with Gigabytes of Deals


Origin are hosting a sale with up to 50% off games throughout the store, including The Sims and SimCity games! Fatten up your hard drive for less with Origin until the 24th April 2014.

Some deals that caught my eye included Sims 3 expansions for as little as £9.99, The Sims Medieval Deluxe for £5.99 and SimCity Cities of Tomorrow for £7.50!

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Help Decorate The Sims Studio Walls!


Via. SimGuruHydra on The Sims 3 Forums

Time to dig up some of your fanart of The Sims!

We need your help! We’ve been redecorating our studio walls and given them a fresh coat of paint, but we’re not done! The last final pieces need to come from you!

Sure our walls are freshly-painted, but they feel a bit bare without some cool stuff to hang. And what community is more creative than The Sims community? Simply put – we’re asking YOU to send us your creations inspired by The Sims™ games!

We know many of you take your creativity outside of the game – whether they’re sketches, collages, desktop wallpapers, paintings, and even handmade crafts. These would be perfect for our studio walls.

So what kind of artwork are we asking for? We’d love to see creations inspired by any of The Sims games – from the very first, to The Sims 3, to any of the console games (hey, The Urbz had some amazing style)! Pieces can be any of the following:

- Photographs
– Collages
– Drawings, paintings, sketches
– Handmade crafts that can be hung on walls

Send physical art to:

The Sims
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065

We’re accepting digital artwork as well! Send your digital art inspired by The Sims to: [email protected] with the subject line: Artwork for the SimGurus


441 Million seconds. 5,113 Days. 14 Years.


Lucy Bradshaw, the SVP of Maxis, has posted a blog on to celebrate The Sims 14th anniversary. She also confirms that The Sims 4 is still on track for an Autumn 2014 release.

Can you believe it? The Sims is now 14 years old. That’s right, The Sims came out on February 4, 2000 in North America and to celebrate this momentous date, we are declaring today “Wear a Plumbob Day” around the world; and we are giving all players of The Sims 3 a Stuff Pack* to thank them for all of their wonderful support. Read on to find out more about both!

TheSims_Anniversary_Blog_Lucy_PlumbobLet’s take a quick moment to reflect on the past 14 years of The Sims. Did you know that we were the answer to a question on Teen Jeopardy, or that we were once featured in the New York Times Crossword puzzle? In 2005 the French postal service gave us our own postage stamp; and who could forget the amazing Glass House in Belgium where we put our fans in control of a real life family? The Sims continues to be a part of everyday life and we owe much of that success to the many incredible fan sites, as well as the wonderful YouTubers and Let’s Players that continue to pop up every single day.

What inspired us to create The Sims? The simple answer would be “You.” At Maxis we thrive off of the quirky, unexpected moments that make each day worth living. It’s all about making our virtual little people fun reflections of the people that we see around us all the time. They’re us, they’re you.


And that gets me to my next point: today is all about You. You’ve spent 14 years playing our games and we’ve spent 14 years being fueled by your creativity. Each day marks hundreds of more creations uploaded to The Sims 3 Exchange, stories shared on our Forums and experiences posted to our social channels, and it’s your excitement that drives us each and every day.


Numbers can be fun. Over the last 14 years, significant milestones have taken place within the world of The Sims:

  • If you were to take all of the boxes of The Sims that are in people’s houses around the world and laid them flat from end to end, they would circle the circumference of the planet Mercury more than twice. That’s more than 33,250 kilometers worth of The Sims games!
  • Players have built more than 20.3 million neighborhoods, each of which have approximately 120 Sims. If we were to make a continent filled with Sims it would have a higher population than the people of Germany, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom put together!
  • Over 1.7 Million player-created Sims have been uploaded to The Sims 3 Exchange, that’s more than the population of the entire states of Vermont, Wyoming and North Dakota, combined!
  • More than 892,000 Homes have been created and uploaded by our players toThe Sims 3 Exchange, that’s almost as many households as the entire country of Singapore!
  • Players have pulled more than 3.2 million pranks with their Sims, that’s a lot of whoopee cushions!
  • More than 300 of the world’s most popular musical artists have recorded their songs in Simlish; that’s hours of original recordings from Grammy Winners such as the Black Eyed Peas, fun. and Christina Aguilera.

These are just a few fun facts over the years, but for all you trivia fans, stay tuned. Next week, we kick-off This Week in The Sims History – a compilation of interesting, funny, embarrassing and sometimes bizarre tidbits about The Sims. These fun facts will be shared on our Twitter, so make sure you follow @TheSims3 for all of the fun.


I’ve thrown a ton of numbers at you, but I want to mention the most important number of all, the number 1. That’s what you are to us. Our family, our friends. We’d like to start by thanking you with a digital download of The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff – a stuff pack filled with new venues and objects to give your Sims’ homes and worlds a bit of a makeover. To redeem your copy of The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff, visit


So in celebration of The Sims as a franchise and its 14 years of existence, we’ve decided to officially declare February 4 as “Wear a Plumbob Day”! The Plumbob has always appeared in The Sims, representing the direct connection between you and your Sim. In honor of you, we invite everyone around the world to put on their Plumbob and wear it proudly. Don’t have a Plumbob? Here’s where you can go to make your very own. Our studio is all joining in on this celebration and their photos will be shared on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day. Join the fun, snap a selfie** and use the hashtag #WearAPlumbob! We’ll retweet our favorites.


To pull a page out of the book of clichés, I’d like to say that we’re getting better with age. I’ve been playing The Sims 4 every single day and our virtual little people are still learning new tricks. The Sims 4 knocks my socks off in a way that I haven’t felt before. The advancements we’re making to Create A Sim are fantastic. It’s easier to create Sims and you can personalize them like never before. It’s awesome to see what happens to my Sim’s emotional state when one thing leads to another in my game. The stories are so entertaining and I’m thrilled when I see how natural the Sims move and behave. It’s so believable, beyond what we’ve been able to achieve before. It’s freaking awesome. There are so many surprises up our sleeves, believe me when I say that Autumn 2014 will be here before you know it. Keep up with our website so that you don’t miss out on the latest. As someone who was there from the very start, this is dream realm type stuff for me.
So as we say hello to the start of our 15th year, I want to welcome you into The Year of The Sims. We have lots of great stuff planned for you, all of it celebrating everything that we love about The Sims, and everything that we love about you.
From all of us at The Sims Studio, I want to thank you for 14 fantastic years of memories, laughter and inspiration. We can’t wait for you to see what this New Year for The Sims brings.


The Sims 14th Anniversary


Happy Birthday to our favourite video game franchise, The Sims! For 14 years The Sims has dominated the PC/Mac platforms and brought millions of fans countless hours of fun (more than some of us like to admit). The Sims is all about having unlimited opportunities with no set goals. Use it to create someone you hate and drown them in the pool, utilise building tools and get creative or get your Sims to cook up as many grilled cheese sandwiches as possible!

To celebrate, EA UK have sent us some fun facts to share and a very special Happy Birthday song in Simlish!

Click here to listen to Happy Birthday in Simlish!

image001Anniv_Couple_BirthdayCakeA family of overachievers

The original The Sims™ was the best-selling PC game worldwide in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003, until it was dethroned by its own sequel The Sims 2, which was the best-selling PC game of 2004, and the second best selling PC game of 2005. When The Sims 3 launched in June 2009 it sold a whopping 1.4 million units in its first week, according to NPD data, making it the #1 best-selling PC title for 2009 in North America and Europe. Since its June 2009 launch, The Sims 3 has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide across multiple platforms.

image003A worldwide phenomenon

The Sims franchise has fans around the globe with combined sales for the franchise topping 175million – that’s more than enough for every single person in the UK!


image005Blockbuster Entertainment

The Sims franchise has generated more than $3 billion of revenue, putting it in the same class as blockbuster films Avatar and Titanic.


image007Celebrities Love The Sims

In the mix of Sims fans from around the world, famous actors, TV personalities, and musicians have shown their support for The Sims over the years. From attending parties, lending their voice stylings to the games, spoofing the games on TV shows, or just professing their adoration, celebs know how to get their game on. Katy Perry partnered with The Sims to release a Collector’s Edition for The Sims 3 Showtime and The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats – a stuff pack that allows players to indulge their Sims with Katy’s sweet and vibrant style.

image009Making news

The Sims was the first and only video game franchise to make the cover of Newsweek! Since then, The Sims franchise has graced hundreds of magazine covers to date with more than 45 for The Sims 3 alone.


image011Fun that translates

The Sims 3 has been translated into more than 20 languages including Swedish, Korean and Russian and is available in over 60 countries worldwide! The Sims series has quickly become a universal gaming and cultural phenomenon.


image013A language that doesn’t

Sims speak Simlish, an emotion-filled language that defies translation.  In creating Simlish, the development team experimented with fractured Ukrainian and Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. Inspired by the code talkers of WWII, The Sims creator Will Wright also suggested Navajo.  Over the years, fans have learned to recognize some words like dag dag for hello and nooboo for baby.

image015Funny Money

The Sims have their own form of currency called Simoleons. The currency originated way back in early eighteenth-century Britain, where sixpence were often slangily called a simon. Simon mixed with the much more valuable French gold coins called Napoleans became Simoleons! And, what more appropriate currency for The Sims!

image017Hot tracks

Rock Stars like Simlish too! Soundtracks for The Sims games read like a who’s who of chart-topping talent; The Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado, Katy Perry, LeAnn Rimes, Natasha Bedingfield, the Pussycat Dolls, Depeche Mode and FUN have recorded their chart topping hits in Simlish.


image019Play with Life on Any Platform

Play with life like never before! The Sims games are available on a wide variety of gaming platforms for fans to pick up and play nearly anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The Sims 3 is playable on PC and Mac, the PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, the Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ and 3DS™. In addition, The Sims has migrated to new-age platforms including Android mobile phones, iOS (for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and Facebook. Other The Sims games are available on PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, the Nintendo GameCube™, the Game Boy® Advance, the Nintendo DS™, Wii™, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

image021Drop in for a download

Imagine having the entire city of San Francisco drop by each week for a visit. That’s close to what’s happening at The Sims 3 official community site, The site welcomes upwards of 7 million unique visitors monthly.


image023It started with a toilet

The first object ever created for The Sims was a toilet featured in the 1993 prototype. A variety of ways to interact with the toilet were introduced, from using it to cleaning it. According to the team, it was also the only object in the original game that different genders used differently—the men tended to leave the seat up!

image025It’s A Material World

The Sims finally get their materialistic fix in 2006 with must have stuff to decorate, redesign or dress up new outfits. To date, there have been 18 stuff packs which included items for your family, holiday, mansion, garden and of course, glamorous life.


image027Name Brand Envy

In 2008, nearly 1,000 H&M stores worldwide featured a garment designed by a player of The Sims for anyone to purchase. In 2012, The Sims were at it again when they forged a partnership with contemporary fashion designer Diesel to release The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack, making Sims the trendiest virtual characters on the block.

image029All about the fans!

Fans of The Sims franchise are online like never before. Hundreds of millions of player-created content has been shared and downloaded by one of the most active player communities in the world and the viral appeal of The Sims is further evidenced by its 30 million fans across global social networks. The Sims 3 YouTube Channel videos have been viewed more than 90 million times and The Sims 3 global Facebook and Twitter pages reach 30 million fans. All of that social media viewership combined is enough to fill up the largest stadium in the world, Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea, more than 630 times.

image031Play it your way!

The appeal of The Sims is that there is no “right way” to play.  Some players spend all their time building cool houses or following the personal lives of their Sims, while others like to create chaos wherever they go.  Are you one of those players? If you have ever removed the pool ladder after sending your Sim in for a dip, then the answer is probably yes!

image033The Sims in Real Life

In 2004, EA Benelux created a real glass house where a family lived out their life for all to see in true The Sims style.


image035Before there was bird flu

Will Wright once introduced a mysterious virus to The Sims.  As infection spread throughout the game, so did lively debate on the message boards.  What was the source of the illness?  Players finally traced it back to pet guinea pigs and shared tips for surviving the outbreak.


image037Feeling needy?

Like most of us, the Sims have aspirations, fears and needs.  The model used in the game was inspired by “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” According to Maslow, people’s needs are based on a hierarchy and once basic needs are satisfied, people are motivated by less urgent needs.


image039Stamp of approval

The French love The Sims so much that the French postal service issued an official postal stamp honoring the game.  For that, we say, “Merci!”


image041Home is where the heart is

IKEA® and The Sims collaborated in 2008 to make home the most important place on earth in The Sims with real-world IKEA home furnishings for the living spaces, bedroom and home office in your Sims’ homes.


EA Salt Lake Focusing on Mobile Following Layoffs


It’s always upsetting to hear when someone is laid off. IGN have sadly reported that approximately 40 (former) employees at EA Salt Lake have been laid off today. These layoffs affect the EA All Play and Maxis divisions.

According to an IGN source close to EA, “all of Maxis is gone” in Utah, with approximately 40 former employees migrating to Maxis in California. Around 35 other Salt Lake employees have been laid off, including an estimated 20 at EA All Play.

EA Salt Lake was working on The Sims on mobile, which it will continue to do, and assisting on The Sims 4.

EA declined to verify the specific number of affected employees.

The Maxis division at EA Salt Lake created several expansion packs for The Sims 3 (Showtime, Supernatural, University Life and Into The Future).

We wish all those affected the very best for the future.


Thanks to SimsVIP for the link!