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Go Fanboy – MySims SkyHeroes PS3 review


More and more bad scores are piling on for MySims SkyHeroes.  Knowing this fact, I should probably start to keep an eye on the clearance bins.  It won’t have a long shelf life with the full retail priced games, that’s for sure!

Overall MySims SkyHeroes is another nice effort at providing kids with something to play, by results in being merely worth a flyby. EA wants to provide a coach flight for the price of a first-class ticket. With so many other games out there offering a better version of what SkyHeroes is trying to provide, there’s no sense in picking this one up. If you even bother renting, keep your parachute on, because you’ll be hitting eject quickly. SkyHeroes is available now at retail, but don’t bother.

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GameSpot – MySims SkyHeroes review


Another badly scored review for the first flight MySims game, this time by GameSpot:

MySims SkyHeroes isn’t quite full retail price (it comes in at $49.99) on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but it really seems like the game tries its best to make it worth the normal cost. The problem is SkyHeroes stretches two relatively shallow, albeit accessible, game types over an excessively long Story mode where their AI problems are put on display over and over again. The multiplayer can be a source of some entertainment, but only lasts as long as the learning curve does–which is to say, not that long. Once players become experienced, it often just becomes a race to see who can gain the strongest power-ups while they’re not flying in circles. This might have worked well as a smaller, more limited, and cheaper downloadable product, but as a full retail offering, SkyHeroes never gets off the ground.

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MySims SkyHeroes DS screens


Sure, it’s been out a week, but we really haven’t seen that many screens from the DS version of MySims SkyHeroes.  Luckily, MySims Wiki sent me a few via email.  Enjoy and be sure to check out their site for everything MySims related!

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VideoGamesDaily – MySims SkyHeroes review


A not-so-kind review on MySims SkyHeroes from VideoGamesDaily:

I feel a bit stupid for ragging on SkyHeroes. It’s not aimed at me, nor in all likelihood at you. It’s aimed at people old enough to hold a controller but not old enough to comprehend the basics of aviation, including the principle that a plane’s wings ought to extend further than the pilot’s hairdo.

It was never going to be clever, or challenging, or original, and you certainly didn’t need me to tell you that – just check out a trailer, or any of the other titles in this cynical little sub-series (actually, don’t bother with the second bit).

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Evergeek – MySims SkyHeroes review


Anyway, for all its novelty and forthright charm, MySims Sky Heroes is essentially a generic pipsqueak kart racing game where chortling fatheads go zipping around extravagantly surreal courses shooting at each other’s tails, scooping up power-ups and lobbing one-timer smart bombs at each other if not dropping banana peel-like impediments behind them. Of course, instead of karts on a track you’re flying toy planes in the sky – a sky so tightly circumscribed by an invisible barrier as to not be the wild blue yonder but an aeronautical playground in a snow globe. Confining, in a word. Then again, with a target audience of, what, 8-year olds? Well, no one’s going to get lost, at least.

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Electronic Theatre – indepth review of MySims SkyHeroes


It would be wrong to dismiss MySims SkyHeroes as a “casual” videogame release, as it proffers just as much depth as any similar kart-style racing game. However, its dressing is most certainly aimed at younger players, and having that in mind it’s impossible to understand why the developers chose to impose such a harsh difficulty on the story mode. Plenty of missions are available, so it’s not as if the developers needed to expand the game’s length artificially, and the Quick Play option is simply little substitute with no measurement of progression offered. MySims SkyHeroes is an enjoyable title, sitting comfortably next to SEGA’s Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing as a significant competitor to Mario Kart Wii, but while its cartoon visuals and challenging gameplay have been designed as a one-fits-all solution, it may cause just as many problems as it solves.

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