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USA Today: ‘MySims Agents’ brings top-notch sleuthing to the Wii


It’s so fantastic to see all of the wonderful press MySims Agents for Wii is receiving!  Give yourself a huge pat on the back, MySims team (who I know are reading) :)

MySims Agents is an outstanding mystery game for kids. The structure of having one over-arching mystery that is solved by completing a series of smaller mysteries works well with kids’ busy lifestyles. They can solve a mystery in 30 to 45 minutes and then take a break. Plus, these mysteries are interesting. For example, in one, you must figure out who vandalized a ski chalet. In the process, you will need to figure out how to use the snowy environment to create a path up to the roof so as to access the security cameras. To watch the security camera’s film, you play a game about having to use the Wii remote to stay within a maze and navigate through it in a very short time.

article from USA Today

Beta ‘official’ MySims Page hub launches


Surprise!  EA’s been hard at working on a new ‘hub’ site for the MySims.  As everyone knows, the 5th MySims game was released earlier this week, so it was about time that a true MySims hub was developed.  For a beta site, it’s pretty well designed.  I haven’t noticed any problems yet – except the fact that the hub is aimed at ‘kids’ who need their parent’s premission to visit.  I’m 23 years old…I’d be damn if I had to run to mom and dad to let them know 😛  That’s my only gripe – not a good one, because they are in the right.  Just wished they’d know adults share the love of the MySims series as well :)

Check out the site and create your own avatar (personally needs more options), play flash mini-games, get the news from MySims Agents(bah, who relies on official sites for news anyways), and parents can learn about the different games in the MySims series!  Drop by today:

OMG – MySims Agents DS review


Well, at least I’m not the only one who agrees DS versions of EA’s games do not play out well…

There are a ton of issues with this game. The developers seems to have just thought that a box cover with a picture of CIA looking agents is enough for kids to buy the title. It probably would do just that but this is the reason why I created this review. To warn you guys of its quality. This is a game that lacks polish and is filled with gameplay glitches that I couldn’t believe got into the final version of the game.

full review at O.M.G.

1Up – MySims Agents Wii review


A sample from a review written by 1Up:

With the simplistic and repetitive puzzles, hand-holding progression, and kid-friendly cases, playing MySims: Agents feels something like Phoenix Wright on training wheels. Maybe that’s perfect for (much) younger gamers who may not be ready for deeper adventure games, but if you’ve had any experience with similar but meatier titles, MySims: Agents — as infectiously delightful as its characters can be — is probably not for you.

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GameSpot – MySims Agents review for the Wii


Some good/bad notes from MySims Agents Wii provided by GameSpot:


  • Enjoyable minigames
  • Fun adventure-game elements
  • Good storyline.


  • Lackluster writing
  • Puzzles and adventures too easy to solve
  • Some boring characters.

read the full detailed review at GameSpot

ZTGameDomain – MySims Agents reviewed


MySims Agents is by far the best of the series so far. The unique detective aspect is something that a lot of family games have not attempted, and it works. Controls are smooth, graphics are eye-catching and the appeal is hard to ignore. If you or your kids enjoy solving mysteries together then this is definitely one to check out. The EA Wii library continues to show that shovelware is not always the answer when it comes to making games that can appeal to a broad audience.

full review here

CBS Channel 11 – MySims Agents reviewed


The traditional ‘Sims’ idea of creation is all but gone, left in the dust by a storyline that is engaging enough for kids and an investigation theme that is addictive for anyone. Never mind that the graphics have been designed with children in mind. Forget that the story is two-dimensional. Once I started solving the cases and pretending to be a spy, it was hard to put the controller down. I wanted to know who was sending love notes to the local salon owner, and which kid started the fire at the pizzeria. And I wanted to put that evil CEO in his place.

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Gaming Angels – A visit with EA at the MySims Bloggers Day 09′ event


It’s not too late when it comes to MySims Bloggers Day (held earlier in September).  Gaming Angels just finished up their report and has some insight to share with you guys on MySims Agents, SimAnimals Africa, The Sims 3 World Adventures and Spore Hero.  Not only that, they also have quite a few pictures of the fun activities they were able to participate in!

The event was a great experience. It was nice meeting new bloggers that I haven’t previously met at other events. We also discussed how we could talk to people on the Visceral Games floor into letting us play with Dead Space Extraction in exchange for some beer. My favorite game that we had a hands-on with was definitely MySims Agents. But there are plenty of reasons for Sims fans to be excited for with the new expansion.