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GameSpot – MySims SkyHeroes Wii review

Thanks InfiniteSims! The Wii version of MySims SkyHeroes comes with a full retail price, and the game tries its best to make it worth the cost. The problem is SkyHeroes […]

Playstation LifeStyle – MySims SkyHeroes reviewed

Gameplay is below-average at best. Players go around the maps picking up powerups and using them on opponents. There are a variety of powerups available but over time it becomes […]

Go Fanboy – MySims SkyHeroes PS3 review

More and more bad scores are piling on for MySims SkyHeroes.  Knowing this fact, I should probably start to keep an eye on the clearance bins.  It won’t have a […]

GameSpot – MySims SkyHeroes review

Another badly scored review for the first flight MySims game, this time by GameSpot: MySims SkyHeroes isn’t quite full retail price (it comes in at $49.99) on the Xbox 360 […]

MySims SkyHeroes DS screens

Sure, it’s been out a week, but we really haven’t seen that many screens from the DS version of MySims SkyHeroes.  Luckily, MySims Wiki sent me a few via email.  […]

VideoGamesDaily – MySims SkyHeroes review

A not-so-kind review on MySims SkyHeroes from VideoGamesDaily: I feel a bit stupid for ragging on SkyHeroes. It’s not aimed at me, nor in all likelihood at you. It’s aimed […]

Evergeek – MySims SkyHeroes review

Anyway, for all its novelty and forthright charm, MySims Sky Heroes is essentially a generic pipsqueak kart racing game where chortling fatheads go zipping around extravagantly surreal courses shooting at […]

Electronic Theatre – indepth review of MySims SkyHeroes

It would be wrong to dismiss MySims SkyHeroes as a “casual” videogame release, as it proffers just as much depth as any similar kart-style racing game. However, its dressing is […]