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UK Game Charts (Week Ending 20th December)


Well well well, look what we have here. It’s a been a very long time since we’ve posted the UK Game Charts but it’s back and it’s a weekly thing!

The Sims 4 holds 2nd place in the UK PC Game charts this week, with Football Manager 2015 holding top place.


Site News: New Website Design


With 2015 fast approaching, I thought it was time for an update to the BeyondSims website design. Without further ado, I am excited to announce that the new site design has launched!

Quite a few changes have been made to the site, although the general layout is similar to the previous design.

Check out the list of changes below:

  • New simple design
  • New image slider
  • Updated site navigation
  • Most posts can be read without going directly to the post page
  • New larger fonts
  • Random quotes have returned
  • Responsive design that changes depending on device and screen size
  • New contact form
  • Updated categories
  • Archives now show amount of posts from the selected month
  • Author bio underneath posts

I hope you like the new design! If you encounter any problems with the new design or wish to leave feedback then leave a comment on this post. :)


SimCity BuildIt: Gameplay Trailer


Maxis Helsinki has released a trailer for SimCity BuildIt, check it out below!

Build, craft, and control! This all-new SimCity game—designed just for mobile—is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. The key to your city awaits!

With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, SimCity BuildIt is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Create and trade resources with friends and other cities. Unlock exclusive buildings or unleash natural (and not so natural) disasters!

Watch your city come to life, Mayor!

You can also learn more on the official SimCity BuildIt website.

Oasis Springs

Giveaway: Win The Sims 4! (Winner Announced)


:!: Competition Closed!

The winner is NaBrown!! Thank you to everyone who participated.


Terms and Conditions
By entering this competition you agree that you have read and understood the following competition terms and conditions. The competition closes on the 20th November at 23:59GMT and entries made after this time will not be valid. You must leave a comment with a valid email address so we can contact you. If, after several attempts, the winner does not respond then another winner shall be randomly selected. We may cancel the competition at any time and in the event of being unable to provide the prize, an alternate prize shall be provided.

Women Worth Watching: Rachel Franklin


EA’s own Rachel Franklin, General Manager for The Sims, has been cited as one of the Women Worth Watching by the Diversity Journal. Check out the article below:

My career path has been far from traditional. I have been an entrepreneur, led engineering teams, marketed global brands, and become executive producer of top-selling videogame franchises. My appetite for learning has always been equally diverse. Besides my education in applied mathematics and computer science, I also completed an acting/theatre program in London and studied voiceover acting. What binds these experiences together has been my passion for interactive entertainment and videogames, which began after I play my first game at age seven.

I believe in trusting your instincts and bringing your true self to whatever you are doing. There is a power in personal uniqueness that I have leveraged over the course of my career.

My advice to young women exploring technology careers includes three core principles I have leveraged over the years:

Find and pursue your passion(s): My current role as GM & executive producer of The Sims 4 combines my passions for technology, entertainment, and gaming. While my experiences have not been conventional, they have prepared me for the role I enjoy today. Explore your disparate interests and passions. You’ll be surprised how much you can leverage seemingly nonrelevant expertise in your career.

Take Calculated Risks: One of the greatest risks I have taken was co-founding an Internet development and online marketing company without outside financing. I trusted my intuition and relied on data to make the decision, and I eventually sold the company after eight years and $1 million in revenues.

Stay Curious: Be an active learner, continuously challenge yourself, and take on stretch assignments that give you unique differentiating experiences. I have found that the key to being competitive in this marketplace is to always find ways to innovate and stay on the edge.


The Sims Studio Does The #IceBucketChallenge


The other day I was tagged by MegLovesGames to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of ALS/MND. You can watch me get drenched in ice cold water below:

At the end of my video I tagged Rachybop, SimsVIP and The Sims… and guess who has just done their Ice Bucket Challenge? Check out The Sims Studio’s version below!


Nostalgia Sunday: The Sims Online


The Sims Online made it’s debut in December 2002 and was the first time The Sims on PC went online. Much like the offline version you were able to create a Sim, build a home or anything you could think of and meet and interact with others through social interactions and text chat. In addition there were also jobs which were presented in the form on mini games and charged a subscription fee of $9.99 a month.

The game was sadly retired in August 2008 after being rebranded as ‘EA-Land’ and going free-to-play only months before.

This Sunday, we’re going to celebrate this fantastic game by taking a look at The Sims Online’s trailer:


Banner The Sims 3 Store

Sims 3 Store: Brunch At The Old Mill Review



A new set called Brunch at the Old Mill released at The Sims 3 Store on the 3rd of July. Brunch at The Old Mill set is now available for 1450 SimPoints till 7/8/14 (The original price of the set is 1700 SimPoints.) Keep in mind that this is a set, not a venue. The set contains 28 items including 3 premium content-

  • Old Miller Tea Time Set
  • Grandma’s Canning Station
  • Old Mill Water Wheel

I’m diving this review into some parts:


  1. The Old Mill
  2. Old Miller Tea Time Set
  3. Grandma’s Canning Station
  4. Old Mill Water Wheel
  5. New rustic L-shaped stairs
  6. Buy/build mode objects
  7. Overall thinking




Like I said, It’s a set and there’s no venue. You have to download a separate one which SimGuruKitty uploaded on the exchange. Well, she uploaded two lots actually. They can be placed in 53 and 57 Waterfall Way in Sunset Valley. You can download the lots for FREE:


The Old Mill lot-

Stoney Falls Near the Old Mill-


While the Old Mill is the main lot, Stoney Falls near the Old Mill is a normal lot but It’s a pretty beautiful lot and perfect for fishing! The Old Mill lot is a 36×47 lot, It’s quite small but the whole lot is completely filled with beautiful flowers, a water wheel and a little waterfall too. Inside the lot is a place for Sims to drink tea and have fun with friends. There’s a nice pond outside too. I recommend placing the lot either in Sunset Valley or Aurora Skies! Here are some pictures of the lot:









For the first time ever, your Sims can drink tea in The Sims 3! (yes, TEA!!) Sims can finally experience the daily life of a British. This premium content is not sold individually so you need to buy it along with the set. I hope It is sold individually in the future. Actually, this isn’t a tea set but has a table attached to it. If you want to use this object, the table will be there which is quite sad. I hope there’s a mod to place the tea set on different tables. Up to four sims can have tea and you can ONLY place four chairs. There are two interactions: 1) Make a Cup of Tea 2) Serve Tea. 

While your Sim is making a cup of tea, he/she only makes for himself and other Sims can join by clicking the table. While your Sim serves tea, your Sim will make cups of tea depending on how many chairs there are. I love the little animations the Sims do while making a cup of tea and they have a nice little chat with other Sims while they drink tea.  There are no moodlets. Here is how Sims serve tea:






Please don’t mind the horse in the pictures :P Keep in mind that while drinking tea, it could increase your Sims energy and hunger but it would also decrease their bladder so keep an eye out If your Sim drinks too much tea! My one almost had a bladder failure.





he second premium content is the canning machine which would enable your Sims to make jam and preserves using the harvestables your Sim has in his/her’s inventory. To make the jam or preserves, your Sim need three harvestables of same type in their inventory and put it in the canning machine. Here is the canning machine:


The process is quite simple. Here’s my Sim making chocolate spread using the cocoa harvestables:




Not only you can make chocolate spread but also jam with other harvestables too! But I used cocoa just for an example. You can also use the jam and spread on scones and toast! If you open the preserves, you can reuse the harvestable but if you open the jam, you can spread it on scones or toast as I have mentioned. Once you sim makes the jam, you can find it in their inventory and you will get these interactions:


Scones and toast:



After eating this a moodlet will be available: (Yeah, jammin’!)


If your Sim uses strawberry as a harvestable, your Sim will get a special type of moodlet:


I wish Sims could have tea and scones/toast together while having tea.




Old Mill Water Wheel is the third premium content. Although there’s nothing much you could do with it, It’s a beautiful object that moves and makes peaceful sounds. You can also use this content for a farm you built or use them in community or residential lots too.The only interaction available here is “Fish” They come in different colours too:


 Keep in mind that this water wheel doesn’t catch any ordinary fish but a special type of fish which is quite terrifying and shocked me! Yeah, sharks!! It will catch random objects too.


xf v

I heard that there are sharks in oceans and seas, but in a water wheel (like what?) but that is interesting!

There are no special animations your Sims could react to. Your Sim can only just fish. I wish there were some animations added to it like touching the water and other animations etc but it’s a pretty good content I must say.

The Canning Station Premium Content also comes with two new harvestables- Corn and cucumber





Included with the set is a rustic type L-shaped stairs that is quite different from the ones in the Prism Art Studio Venue. These L-shaped stairs actually has a Victorian touch and I prefer this much more than the ones included in the Prism Art Studio Venue. As always, there are right and left pieces as show above. I’m glad that these stairs aren’t glitch like the ones from the Now And Then Manor where the colours wouldn’t mix. However, I’m happy to see that there are no glitches in this one.



There are total 28 objects included in Buy/Build mode. All the objects are pretty and give me the classical feeling. I love the lighting with jars of firefly! The fireplace is my favorite too; i love the round shape of it and how it is decorated with bamboos. There are three types of chimneys which are for decor only or you can use them as columns. Love the idea that they are recolourable. There’s also two types of fences- Stone Faced Rock Fence and Rock Steady Fence. The Stone Faced Rock Fence has three types of recolours and love the one which is recoloured black and has red linings. The well and the butter churner is a decor. I wish the butter churner was a premium content, would go fantastic with farming objects! The Shire Gate is like the Stone Faced Rock Fence and has the same three types of recolours
. It would go well with the fence. The Way The Moss Grows Stone Steps is a new kind of stairs where the steps are covered with moss! I’ve been waiting to see that for a long time. I konw I would be using these in my outdoor builds and I would love to see what other simmers of the community does with it! The Hay Now Cart is a decor and would go well with farms. The best thing I like about the set is the IVY! There are so many of them and would go well with almost every buildings you create! You can also drag it up and down! Below are the images of all the Buy/Build mode objects:


I’m quite pleased with the price of the set being 1450/1700 SimPoints. Considering that the original price of the set is 1,700 I would have much preferred 1500 SimPoints. However, other than that the price seems quite okay to me as the premium content included this time are better than the previous set in my opinion. I love the theme of the set and the fact that they didn’t include a venue and uploaded a free lot to the Exchange is quite impressive. Otherwise people would’ve to pay for the whole venue. The Old Mill is a wonderful lot, SimGuruKitty did an amazing job building the lot. The theme of the lot goes well with the set and is very pleasant. I would’ve loved if they added something funny to the tea set, like a Sim is drinking the tea but accidentally drops it on the floor. Some new moodlets would have been fine too. Apart from these, the tea premium content is one of my favourite PC from this set! Preserves and jams were perfect addition to this set. However, the scones and toast are covered in the same colour. For example
, If you spread chocolate spread on a scone, it would have the same color as the one covered in strawberry jam which is well… weird. The water wheel is a funny and nice little premium content. it’s funny that you can find sharks in it! But I love how beautiful it looks by watching it. The Build/Buy mode objects are mostly decor but the objects are really nice. I’m glad that there are corns for decor. I use them almost in every lot I create! This is one of the best Store sets I’ve tried out but wish there was something more. Thanks for reading our review!