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Event: Sims Meet Up In London


Calling all tea drinkers and crumpet lovers alike! Beyond Sims, Platinum Simmers and Rachybop are excited to announce that we’ll be organising a meet & greet for fans of The Sims and SimCity franchises in London this May.

With thousands of Simmers in the UK we thought that it’s time to create an event for Simmers by Simmers. We’ll be meeting in Hyde Park, London at 12pm on the 24th May 2014. Look out for all of us together near the Italian Gardens.… Continue Reading

iSims – Seasons Spooky Day Preview


Well, it looks like the Spooky Day Embargo is over. So now the first preview of this awesome day in Seasons has arrived via iSims! WOO!

Halloween … or “Gruseltag”

As you may already know, Halloween is known in the Sims “Gruseltag” (English Spooky Day). It is always held on the last Monday in autumn. The week before the Monday calendar is in Sims (on the bottom bar at “work”) painted red, so you will not forget! If the time has come then, begins the great fun!

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4 Possible Upcoming Expansions via Gaming Survey


Source: SimsVIP

A Business EP and a Time Traveling EP? Would be so sweet!

Thoughts? Remember now, these have come true before. Especially with Seasons and Aliens. So which one are you most excited for and would want to see become real? A Business EP? Spy Themed EP? Time Traveling EP? True Vacation EP?… Continue Reading

SimGuruGraham Twitter Takeover Info Overload!


Tweets gathered by SimsVIP

♦ There are some new open windows that come with #TS3Seasons; they can’t be closed, but they’re perfect for summer.

♦ When aliens abduct a male Sim, there will be a chance of them returning “pregnant”. Watch out for those alien experiments!

♦ Sims do have an internal body temperature; they’ll let you know if they’re too hot or cold through their moodlets.

♦ Each season is one week long by default, and you’ll see all sorts of weather like thunderstorms, blizzards, hail, fog, and more!

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The Sims 3 Refresh is Announced!


We finally have official word on The Sims 3 Refresh – it’s being released (in Spain at least!) on October 31st for a RRP of €40.99! it is The Sims 3’s base game with social features!

Also announced is a Spanish promotion, “Promocion Simtastica”, in which you buy TS3 Refresh and get a free download of the first EP, World Adventures!


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On October 31, 2012 comes a new version of the base game The Sims 3.

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