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The music of LittleBigPlanet 2


Taking a moment to go a little off-topic here….well, not too off topic, as it does involve video games and SimAnimals/Spore Hero composer Winifield Phillips.  I wanted to share with you the following article from Kotaku on the music from the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet2.  One of their favorite pieces is Phillips’ Victoria’s Lab.  Here’s what they had to say on her work:

Well, let’s just start with my favorite track from the whole game. “Victoria’s Lab” pops up early in the game, and it was from this moment on that I realized that LittleBigPlanet 2 was going to do a whole lot more for me than its predecessor had. The music is great on its own, but in the game it does this very cool thing where depending on where you are in the level, it layers and builds until it climaxes during the final few parts. The tunes all appear to have been broken down into a series of layer-able sections, and the layers are automatically added as players progress through each level.

For example, this track starts with the simple beat, and not much else—if you hop around the beginning of the level, you’ll hear that same simple beat until you decide to move onward. Then, the music grows in complexity along with the level, and right when the beat drops, you’re making your way through these crazy robot enemies and dodging deadly flooring and the entire thing is rocking like a Wile E. Coyote contraption.

(It helps that the tune is bitchin’ in its own right.)

This video, meanwhile, is hilarious and amazing—it looks to have been created entirely with in-game assets. Whoever did this had a lot of fun; I could watch it all day.


I love Winifield’s work, and after reading its YouTube description, I am not alone – many others do too – in fact, it has been nominated for so many awards!  Check it out when you get a second, it’s well worth it :D  I am left to wonder what her future works will be…I would love to see her do something related to The Sims franchise (EA HAS to get her on board for The Sims 4) or with SimCity if that ever happens.

12/23/11 – Poll results & new poll


Once again, time slipped past me and I forgot the poll.  But it’s all good – TheBlackScorpion reminded me to change it out and even brought up an idea for a new one.  So let’s recap the last poll and share its results!

Sims FreePlay – coming soon to iPhone, free to play. Do you think you’ll pay for additional content?

  • Absolutely not. (46%, 390 Votes)
  • Cannot play, do not own the proper device. (34%, 291 Votes)
  • If the game is worth it, I may spend a few bucks. (20%, 162 Votes)

Total Voters: 844

Fantastic to see that many of you went with the Absolutely Not answer.  I am done with giving EA my money.  F2P is suppose to stand to Free 2 Play…but in EA’s case, it is actually Free 2 Pay.  Did you read the latest controversy?  Those who purchased items in EA’s Battlefield Play4Free had them removed from their gamesbecause EA determined them to be unbalanced, and instead of offering a refund like they should have, they substituted them with a different item.  It’s like if you bought an AC/DC song in iTunes only for Apple to take it away and instead of refunding your money, replaced it with a Justin Bieber song.  They literally TOOK AWAY SOMETHING YOU PAID FOR! People really need to stop giving their money to EA…at this point it’s like paying someone to punch you in the face repeatedly.

Anyhow, enough ranting…Let’s get on with the new poll, it’s about the Cowplant.  Sucks that you have to pay for it when it should be an expansion, but I’ll save that rant for another day.  Your thoughts?  Vote Now!

More About Will Wright and HiveMind


Awesome Will, what has happened to you?

Learning to love the ‘HiveMind’
“HiveMind” players may end up choosing from a whole suite of gaming apps to customize their real-life gaming experience. Such games or gaming apps would then share what they learned about the player so that “HiveMind” can build up a more complete picture of the person’s likes, dislikes and desires. Collecting such data will require complete openness that lets the players know what is being monitored, Wright said. But he sees ways for the data collection to be part of the entertainment experience, or to make it social by involving friends or family.

“All the technology is there, so it really comes down to psychology and design,” Wright said.


Thanks to Ricon Del Simmer for the tip!

SimProgram’s Super Awesome Pets Giveaway Contest is Now Over


For those of you who still have Sims that are pet-less, are collectors of all things Sims or those of you that just love entering contest, Sad NEWS! Our Pets Giveaway Contest is now over and a winner has been chosen!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Best Caption Contest. We made our choice for the TOP 7 Captions, then you guys and gals voted for the top caption out of those 7. Now the votes are in. And the winner of The Sims 3: Pets is…

  • IDSD – Wait Nyan Dog I Love Youuuuuu!!!!!!” “Stop Chasing Me You Stupid Deer!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Muskrat – Here we find a confused deer during the mating season
  • Isabella – Get out! I’ll not marry you, deer!!!
  • Manula91 – Come on deer!!! we’re gonna miss the bus!! Get a move on!
  • Mike – How DEER you!
  • pcd1love2u – Oh no! theres a deer chasing me! NOPE its just chuck testa.
  • pinkpanther243 – From the acclaimed director who brought you the rom-com hit, ‘I Married a Mummy!’Comes another heartwarming tale of love and devotion titled, ‘Lady and the Rainbow-Coloured Tramp’

Congrats Mike!!!  We’ll email you so we can get your address and soon your copy of Pets will be on it’s way!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest/giveaway! We hope y’all will join us again in the future for our next giveaway. Happy Simming!!!

Doctor Whooves Custom Plush


Time for a random update! To be honest, I think it’s helping me out some as I’m starting to get a lot more productive with the site again – in terms of updating the various sites pages. Anyhow, back to the randomness.

Earlier in the fall I got hooked onto watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.  Can’t remember how, I think it was my friends that introduced me to it but I loved it.  Sure, it’s originally a cartoon aimed at little girls, but it seemed to have gotten a huge following of male viewers – bronies (brony) is the correct term.  The animation reminded me of the old cartoons I used to watch – Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls…it was only after researching that I found the same people animated all of those shows (I believe a majority is from Lauren Faust and/or her husband).  Anyhow, it’s a very entertaining show, and I find it much more enjoyable than the random stuff from Spongebob.

I’m not going to go into deep discussion on the show, rather I’d like to show off the work of one of my friends.  One of my favorite background ponies is Doctor Whooves.  So, knowing that my friend is trying to get her craft business off the ground, I had commissioned this guy:

Technically, he’s no longer a pony, but a mule.  Wanted to make him a little different from the others because…well, he’s a time-lord after all!  It came out far superb – way better than what Hasbro has to offer.  I have plans to help her business out by also commissioning Derpy, the mane 6, Luna, Big Mac, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. :D

Here’s a bunch of pics that I took when it arrived:

NOT GOOD SAM_2690 SAM_2691 SAM_2692 SAM_2693 SAM_2694 SAM_2695 SAM_2696 SAM_2697 SAM_2698

SAM_2699 SAM_2700