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Get The Sims Medieval iPhone for FREE!!!!!!!

Thanks to Manager Josh for the tip!!!

12/1/11 – Poll results & new poll

So yeah, it’s been a month for the poll…guess it is time to post the results and to put up a new one!  Results below! Hypothetically speaking, say Maxis released […]

The Sims 3 iOS Sale

Get The Sims 3 games and Medieval for iOS for 99 cents… plus tax! Android too! Source: Rincón del Simmer

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I admit I hadn’t really been focusing on the site lately – or Sims in general.  Hopefully that can change this Friday, as I am looking to catch up […]

Blackberry + The Sims 3 and SimCity Deluxe for Free = Happy Simming?

If you have a Blackberry Smartphone or Tablet and you just happen to be a Simmer or SimCity fanatic, you’re in luck! Why? Because you can get SimCity Deluxe and […]

PocketGamer – The Sims Medieval for Mobile reviewed

Controlling your sim is as easy as tapping the screen to walk to a location or to interact with an object, whilst dragging the screen will move the camera around, […]

The Sims Medieval Deluxe!

Finally, some Sims Medieval news. EA will soon release a Deluxe edition of The Sims Medieval! w00t! No set release date yet, but we do know that it is to […]

A question about SporePrograms…

Okay, need an answer from you guys. The domain registration for both and are coming up in January. I’ll be renewing Simprograms, that’s a given. Not dropping the […]