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EA iTunes App Store Sale!

All apps/games listed below are only $1! Buy! Buy! Buy! Spend! Spend! Spend! Feed the machine man! Muahahahaa!!! |The Sims 3|World Adventures|Ambitions|Medieval|SimCity DX iPad| Source: Realne Simy

Destructoid – Win a Kindle and Several EA Mobile Games!

Destructoid is having a giveaway of a Kindle and many EA Mobile games! Click the pic below To be redirected and enter their giveaway!

SimProgram’s Super Awesome Pets Giveaway Contest is Now Over

For those of you who still have Sims that are pet-less, are collectors of all things Sims or those of you that just love entering contest, Sad NEWS! Our Pets […]

The Sims 3 for Android = Only 10 Cents!!!

This sale is only for today. Source: SimsVIP

Doctor Whooves Custom Plush

Time for a random update! To be honest, I think it’s helping me out some as I’m starting to get a lot more productive with the site again – in […]

IGN and Will Wright + HiveMind

Oh how I dunno whether to loathe Social Games or not… they’re just so BAM! addicting. Yeah right! How will this experience differ from alternate reality games (ARGs) that we’ve […]

Music from the motion picture ‘The Muppets’

Have any of you checked out The Muppets Movie?  It came out…I think two weeks ago in the States.  I know that for some, it won’t even hit your areas […]

Quick note: Random stuff incoming…

Alright, here’s the deal.  It’s been mentioned in the past that I use to do random posts that didn’t relate to The Sims in any shape or form.  Well, the […]