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Simcity Gameplay Strategy Video #2

SimCity is looking better and better! Learn more about multi-city play in this new gameplay video.

New SimCity Screenshot

SimCity has shared a new picture on their Facebook page from the new strategy video, coming tomorrow!

Another SimCity Screenshot

Another SimCity Screenshot from the new multi-city strategy video, coming on Tuesday!

SimCity: Preview Of Strategy Video!

SimCity recently uploaded a new picture on their Facebook wall! It’s a picture showing off a sneak peak of the new Strategy Video. Hopefully it’ll be released on Tuesday!

3 New SimCity Pictures! (DOTsim) uploaded three new pictures of SimCity onto their site!


Build it Up: Starting a City

Hey everyone! Last week I talked to you about SimCity’s new road tool, how it can be used to control the density of your buildings, and the road guides that […]

SimCity: Reinvention And Renovation

The SimCity name inspires fond memories for many gamers, regardless of which of the four main installments they have played the most. Wherever your SimLoyalty lies (personally, I’m a fan […]

New Picture of SimCity!

Look at this wonderful picture that SimCity put on Facebook! A wonderful, serene-looking City… and the water looks beautiful!