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New SimCity Screenshot

The folks down at the official SimCity Facebook page have shared a brand new image of the upcoming game!

New SimCity Interview!

Thanks to Rincon Del Simmer for the tip! French site BeGeek interviews SimCity associate producer George Pigula.

IGN START’s Up At Noon – SimCity Interview

An interview with Jason Haber of Maxis.

The Sounds Of Nonsense: Recording Simlish

Hi there! I’m Kadet Kuhne and I want to share a glimpse of the casting, recording and implementation process forSimCity. I was hired onto the sound team at Maxis as […]

The Maxis Devs Are Awesome!!!

Just how awesome? Below is a tweet by one of the head people on SimCity (Guillaume Pierre/MaxisGuillaume). His tweet and his reply to my tweet, show how awesome he and […]

SimCity – Dynamic Audio

The terrain is completely empty and I immediately start filling it with stuff. Long curving roads, residential zones, a wind power plant—I’ll make an effort to go green, I think, […]

ComputerAndVideoGames Preview SimCity

A preview of SimCity! (It’s real good )  A tall, bearded man welcomes us to the demonstration of SimCity, his caffeine energy betrayed by the dark circles under his eyes. Enthusiastic […]

SimCity – University Pic