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BeyondSims Are Going To EA!


BeyondSims have been invited to a SimCity Community Event later on this month at EA UK in Guildford, Surrey. This will allow us to have a day to play with the new SimCity game from Maxis which is being released on March 5th (US)/March 8th (UK). Hopefully we’ll eventually be allowed to share information about the game with you and hopefully pictures – depending on the rules which EA set during the event.

Providing I don’t miss the trains in my 10 minute changeover (on the way there and back), it will be a great day and I can’t wait to be able to meet other fans of the franchise, try out the game, and give you our impressions on the game.… Continue Reading

SimCity: Menu Music


A user on YouTube has uploaded music from the SimCity Preview Disc, and from the title of his video it’s apparently the menu music for the new SimCity game.

If this is the music, it sounds great just as you’d expect from SimCity! Make sure you turn up your speakers, the video’s a little quiet.

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(UK) SimCity GAME Exclusive Collector’s Edition – Price Reduced!


GAME have made the exclusive SimCity collector’s edition £42.99 instead of £54.99, making it cheaper than the limited edition – if you’re wanting to get the new SimCity in March then be sure to take advantage of this offer!

Click here to check it out


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SimCity: Lucy Bradshaw Discusses Always-Online Requirement


Hi everyone – I’m Lucy Bradshaw and I lead the Maxis Label here at EA. Last week, we held a Reddit Ask Me Almost Anything (AMAA) where we gave fans a chance to speak directly to the development team creating SimCity. First off, I want to personally thank everyone who asked us questions and participated in the event –the team really appreciates your feedback. We received some great questions on a range of topics, including the city size, the GlassBox engine powering SimCity, and even how many splines we’ve reticulated over the years (short answer: a lot).… Continue Reading