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SimCity: Commercial Building Concept Art


MaxisGuillaume has released some more concept art! These consist of two low wealth, mid density commercial buildings.

SimCity - Novas Imagens 4

SimCity Concept Art: Low Density & Wealth Residential Homes


Following in the footsteps of SimGuruSarah, MaxisGuillaume will be posting concept art over the coming weeks. The first images he has shared is of basic low density & wealth homes.

Thanks to Bryce for the heads up.

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Review


The first expansion pack for SimCity, Cities of Tomorrow, brings an all new way to play your game. Featuring impressive visuals, a catchy soundtrack and deep gameplay, does the future look brighter for this game?

SimCity started with a large hurdle back in March when the game servers couldn’t handle capacity. Game features were turned off, such as cheetah speed and the global market, and many critics adjusted reviews to reflect the launch of the game. Since then SimCity has received many updates which brought new features, free content and bug fixes. With the launch behind us, Maxis have turned their efforts to the first SimCity expansion pack titled Cities of Tomorrow.

Cities of Tomorrow gives you the ability to take your cities into the future (sound familiar?). While some may regard it as a cosmetic change from the trailers, that’s far from the truth. You can create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology, or allow a giant corporation to plunder and pollute. In addition you can build into the sky with MegaTowers, play with two new city specialisations and watch your city transform into an all-new futuristic look!

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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Preview


Today we were extremely lucky as @Charlie_Sin, a PR at Maxis for The Sims 4, joined our SimCity region and shown off loads of content from Cities of Tomorrow! As we played we made sure that we took plenty of screenshots and a video of the launch arcology in action.

Launch Arcology Video


SimCity Live Stream with SwwSims and SimFans


We are live streaming SimCity with swwSims (from Platinum Simmers) and Dan (from SimFans)! Check out all of our streams below – and we may have a special visit from Charlie who works on the Maxis PR team.

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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: Game Intro Trailer


The first expansion pack for SimCity, titled Cities of Tomorrow, will feature a new intro video when the game starts. Maxis have uploaded this onto the official SimCity YouTube.

Let’s just say that this expansion pack looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out when it launches next week.