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EA UK recently approached me and asked me to write some Hints & Tips articles. I’ve wrote my first article and it’s about creating the foundations for your first city! This is designed to help anyone who is new to SimCity.

New to SimCity and not quite sure where to begin? SimCity fan Dan Willis shares some of his all important tips on building your very first city.

There is a reason why SimCity is one of my favourite video game franchises of all time, and the latest incarnation of the game is no exception.

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SimCity On Sale Through Microsoft


Have the teensiest money left over from your holiday haul and don’t know what to spend it on? Save it? Bah!


On sale now at is the SimCity Limited Edition. Regular price is $39.99, current is $14.99. That is not a bad deal at all! Remember with the Limited Edition you get Maxis Man and Dr. Vu, which are some pretty zany characters that add some neat circumstances to your game. Couple that with Cities Of Tomorrow and.. well you’re going to have a very technological city indeed!… Continue Reading


SimCity Update 9 Blog


SimCity Update 9 Release

The holiday season is upon us, Mayors! That means good food, friend and family time and game Updates! Today, Update 9 releases and I’m delighted to tell you about some of the new fixes and upgrades that await you. And because you all deserve presents for being the best city Mayors around, Maxis is excited to give everyone the Attractions Set, free of charge! Happy holidays indeed!

Attractions Set

Attractions Set

Got the holiday blues? Pull off the road, sit a spell and take a gander at one of these roadside attractions to ease the drive.

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SimCity: Commercial Building Concept Art


MaxisGuillaume has released some more concept art! These consist of two low wealth, mid density commercial buildings.

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SimCity - Novas Imagens 4

SimCity Concept Art: Low Density & Wealth Residential Homes


Following in the footsteps of SimGuruSarah, MaxisGuillaume will be posting concept art over the coming weeks. The first images he has shared is of basic low density & wealth homes.

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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Review


The first expansion pack for SimCity, Cities of Tomorrow, brings an all new way to play your game. Featuring impressive visuals, a catchy soundtrack and deep gameplay, does the future look brighter for this game?

SimCity started with a large hurdle back in March when the game servers couldn’t handle capacity. Game features were turned off, such as cheetah speed and the global market, and many critics adjusted reviews to reflect the launch of the game. Since then SimCity has received many updates which brought new features, free content and bug fixes.… Continue Reading

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Preview


Today we were extremely lucky as @Charlie_Sin, a PR at Maxis for The Sims 4, joined our SimCity region and shown off loads of content from Cities of Tomorrow! As we played we made sure that we took plenty of screenshots and a video of the launch arcology in action.

Launch Arcology Video