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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow: New Regions

Hey there, Mayors! It’s Level Designer Kyle Brown here to talk about the process of creating new regions for the Cities of Tomorrowexpansion pack. Cities of Tomorrow will not only feature new city […]

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Box Art

The official SimCity Twitter page has shared the box art for Cities of Tomorrow. The expansion pack is digital download only in most countries, but this is what will appear […]


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Developer Gameplay Walkthrough

Check out this gameplay video where Stone Librande, lead designer of the expansion pack, shows off the upcoming expansion.

SimCity Update 7.5

There’s a new update comming soon for SimCity. It’s a small patch this time which adds support for Windows 8.1 and OSX Mavericks (10.9), fixes the “Not enough freight producers […]

State of SimCity Blog

It’s an pretty interesting blog with a lot of information about how it is going with SimCity at this moment but EA/ Maxis confirmed that they won’t expand the city […]


SimCity: User Generated Content

Maxis has opened a new area on the SimCity forums dedicated to user generated content, such as mods. They are interested in knowing what mods people are interested in for […]

Pre-Order SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion on Origin

You can now pre-order the Limited Edition of Cities of Tomorrow on Origin! The limited edition costs £29.99, the same price as a Sims expansion pack, and comes with the launch […]


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Announcement Trailer

The official SimCity YouTube channel has uploaded the announcement trailer for Cities of Tomorrow!