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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Announcement Trailer

The official SimCity YouTube channel has uploaded the announcement trailer for Cities of Tomorrow!


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Trailer Breakdown

Platinum SimCity has posted a breakdown of the Cities of Tomorrow preview video. Take a look below to learn more about the expansion: The fancy buildings look a lot like […]

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Preview

IGN has uploaded a video preview of the upcoming SimCity expansion pack. You can check it out below. Caution: You may be blinded by the awesomeness!

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack

Maxis has announced on their social media websites that the first expansion pack for SimCity is coming soon! Cities of Tomorrow will take your cities into the future! The SimCity Facebook […]


SimCity™ Red Cross Disaster Relief Set

New DLC for SimCity is available in certain territories and features the Red Cross. 80% of what you pay will be given to the Red Cross charity, which is an […]

SimCity Raise And Lower Road Tool

A new development blog has been posted about the upcoming Raise and Lower Road Tool! This new tool will be available in Update 7 which releases tomorrow. Hello, Mayors! I’m […]


SimCity: Raise/Lower Tool Preview

Maxis have sent us a preview of the new raise/lower tool for SimCity, which is coming in update 7! Check out the video preview below from Lead Gameplay Scripter Guillaume Pierre. […]

SimCity For Mac is Available on August 29th

SimCity™ will be available for Mac exclusively as a digital release onAugust 29, 2013. SimCity is cross-platform compatible, so all players, whether on Mac or PC, will be able to play SimCity together in […]