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SimCity Social Diamond Vault Thing!


I guess this is due to EA shutting down the game. The diamond vaults available in build mode have been reduced in price from 1 – 4 diamonds. These things produce a certain number of diamonds an hour. Number of diamonds varies on the vault you purchased. To purchase one, you have to have diamonds in your account. If not, you’re out of luck as you can no longer purchase diamonds. So if you do, get however many you can and collect a ton of diamonds to complete both maps and unlock everything whilst you still can! w00t! And another tip from Judson, if like me and you ONLY have 1 diamond. Buy the first one and once it produces diamonds, buy the next and so on and so on. Then you’ll have unlimited diamonds. w00t!

Thanks to SP founder Jud for the tip!

Kotaku Reviews SimCity Social


Source: Sims Nieuws

There are fresh ideas here, though nothing quite as deep as the systems established in the big boy SimCity titles. For starters, the game allows friends to establish sister cities or rival cities, which enables some entertaining cross-border acts of charity or benign sabotage. By visiting other players’ creations and either wreaking havoc or joy the player can decrease or increase their relationship level, unlocking new buildings and gathering special items used to enhance existing structures.


SimCity Social In-Game Advertising – Mercedes-Benz


The Sims 3 and Sims Social had Toyota and Ford, but now SimCity Social has Mercedes-Benz.

Premium Car Manufacturer Joins SimCity Social as Launch Partner Bringing Fans In-Game Items

SimCity™ Social fans find a balance between temptation and reason when the Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicle rolls in to their game this summer. Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) today announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz of Europe that provides exclusive in-game items to SimCity Social players worldwide excluding North America and Canada. SimCity Social, which launches worldwide very soon, is a close collaboration between two award-winning studios at Maxis and Playfish and combines the best of social gaming with the depth and creativity that embodies the SimCity franchise.

SimCity Social‘s distinctive style of humor is derived from its fun, quirky and spontaneous gameplay mechanics that exude the essence of the franchise,” said Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios at Playfish. “With the integration of Mercedes-Benz, we’ve added a layer of fun realism that enables our fans to bring their favorite brands into their games. We evaluate every partnership to see what the added value is for our fans and the gameplay. Mercedes-Benz plays extremely well into the city building and player customization that SimCity Social embodies.”

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SimCity Social Review


SimCity Social, the new game from some clever people at Maxis and  Playfish UK, was released into it’s open beta on 25 June 2012. This new game directly competes with Zynga’s own CityVille (and bites at it with it’s slogan: More City, Less Ville). SimCity Social is an exciting facebook game that is very addictive and has many reasons why you’ll keep coming back wanting to play it more.


SimCity Social has the basics of SimCity present and offers a fair amount of depth. You start off with a small basic city with a few buildings and several plots of empty land. A quick tutorial will get you going and you’ll soon be ready to build! The game offers quests for users which allow you to earn simoleons, experience to level up and materials. The game also has the standard Facebook energy feature, which can be annoying – however I rarely find myself out of energy for very long, allowing you to play for long periods without spending a penny.


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