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SimCity Social Diamond Vault Thing!

I guess this is due to EA shutting down the game. The diamond vaults available in build mode have been reduced in price from 1 – 4 diamonds. These things […]

What Do The SimCity Social E3 Trailer and Windows 8 Have in Common?… THIS!

Our Spon1Player has some very sharp ears. He pointed this out to me, so I thought I’d share it. SimCity Social E3 Trailer Windows 8 Ad Notice something in both?

Kotaku Reviews SimCity Social

Source: Sims Nieuws There are fresh ideas here, though nothing quite as deep as the systems established in the big boy SimCity titles. For starters, the game allows friends to […]

SimCity Social In-Game Advertising – Mercedes-Benz

The Sims 3 and Sims Social had Toyota and Ford, but now SimCity Social has Mercedes-Benz. Premium Car Manufacturer Joins SimCity Social as Launch Partner Bringing Fans In-Game Items SimCity™ […]

New SimCity Social Trailer

LGR Plays – SimCity Social

SimCity Social – 5,000 Simoleons!

SimCity Social Review

SimCity Social, the new game from some clever people at Maxis and  Playfish UK, was released into it’s open beta on 25 June 2012. This new game directly competes with […]