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[UPDATED] EA Officially Abandons Darkspore

Edit – Maxis have fixed the issue which prevented people from logging into the game and have said that they will continue to support the game. Darkspore is an Action RPG, […]

Looking to play Darkspore?

If you want to play Darkspore, then check out the following retailer to get your copy at a decent price! EA Origin – allows you to download the game instantly.

Darkspore for $5.99? Cool!

Cool until EA eventually shuts down the servers. LOL!

Darkspore, Origin and 20 Bucks

If you’re a fan of Spore and also a fan of MMORPG games, you’ll love Darkspore. If not, you’ll at least love the score/soundtrack. Anyways, Darkspore is now $20 on […]

Darkspore Sale – Game Spain

Live in Spain? Buy games via Game? Like Darkspore but don’t have it? Get it at a discounted/reduced price! € 7,95! Thanks to Ricon Del Simmer for the tip!

Darkspore On Sale VIA Origin!

Do you like Darkspore like I do? Have you not played since the Beta? Do you want it, only if you can get it cheap? Well you’re in luck, get […]

Darkspore Patch

There’s a new patch available today for Darkspore. As always, open your launcher to install the patch. • New Level DB’s Place!(Pictured Above) • Destructables no longer give health/energy leech […]

Darkspore Patch Notes

New Darkspore patch!  So that’s why the servers were down earlier.  What all did it fix?  MaxisKyle tells us below: General Parts store should now properly display all items except […]