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GameSpot – DarkSpore Impressions: first look

One more to add: The plot in Darkspore sounds very grandiose and involves an experiment by an ancient race of omnipotent beings known as the “Crogenitors,” who created all living […]

Destructoid – DarkSpore first look preview

This a chaotic game and one which was designed to be a cooperative experience. Up to four players may team up against the Darkspore, with incremental difficulty and loot rewards […]

DarkSpore first look from GamePro

Another preview to add to the mix, this time from GamePro! What you need to know: There’s a lot of Diablo to it. Players control one creature at a time […]

JoyStiq – DarkSpore preview from EA Showcase 2010

That’s right — although based off of Spore (but running on a brand-new engine) the game won’t have you controlling your own creations. The Creature Creator does return, however, and […]

GameSpot – interview with DarkSpore Executive Producer Mike Perry updated to show off featured creations & DarkSpore

I thought this was nice for Maxis to do – promote the featured creations on the main page of the site for those not logged in at the official […]

1Up – DarkSpore preview

A 2 page preview on DarkSpore which goes in-depth on how the game plays out – a must read! The main carry-over from Spore is the Creature Creator (often described […]

Get to know DarkSpore: FAQ by Community Manager, MaxisCactus

MaxisCactus published a short and sweet FAQ on DarkSpore as well as a few answers on Spore in general over at both the Sporums and the newly launched DarkSporums. Q: […]