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11/24/09 SporeDay – ‘Welcome to Earf’ by Maxis

Sorry, I can’t help but to use that phrase from one of my all time favorite alien movie, Independence Day (and yes, Will Smith does pronounce Earth clearly so save […]

EA’s Black Friday 2009 Sale

Personally I recommend staying far, far awhile from EA’s Black Friday sale unless you actually enjoy their Digital Download service.  Considering you don’t get to keep your downloaded games no […]

UK: Top 20 PC Games Chart ending November 21, 2009

The Sims 3 World Adventures hit retail stores in the UK on November 19-20th so it’s no wonder why it didn’t take top spot – didn’t have enough sales data […]

Public Static – Spore Islands Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

You don’t necessarily have to be the top of the food chain. If you can reproduce faster than your predators can eat you, you will still win in dominance. Using […]

Spore Holiday Team Contest 2009

Christmas is right around the corner, and by corner I mean in a month and roughly 10 days.  Maxis knows this which is why they are getting a head start […]

Gamezone – Winifred Phillips Discusses Her Score for Spore Hero

I’m not music-savvy by any means, so it was a delight to have read the following interview with Spore Hero and SimAnimals composer Winifred Phillips.  You can catch the whole […]

UK: Top 20 PC Games Chart ending November 14, 2009

Just as I suspected, Modern Warfare 2 takes the number one spot…but I didn’t know Football Manager and Dragon Age would still outbeat TS3!  Wonder what next week holds for […]

IGN previews facebook’s Spore Islands

Well, I had to start my Spore Islands game all over again, but the good news is that I’m nearing what I used to have.  I won’t be stupid this […]