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DarkSpore Patch

There’s a new patch out today and you can get it by updating via the launcher. Here are the fixes. Thanks to SimsGalore for the info. GENERAL * Fixed an […]

Gamespy – Darkspore review

Darkspore does have a couple of nifty metagaming ideas thrown in. For example, after completing a level, you’re presented with a choice: Go back to the home base screen, level […]

Joystiq – Darkspore review

Although there’s an interesting sci-fi story, Darkspore doesn’t have much of a personality. While the campaign is long and surprisingly challenging, there aren’t any NPCs to interact with or side […]

Darkspore – 9 launch day screenshots

I didn’t get around to posting these 9 screens released last Tuesday, so here they are!

Eurogamer – Darkspore review

This system is clearly intended to promote strategy and diversity as well as risk-taking, but all too often it means sighing resignedly, returning to the Editor and laboriously upgrading your […]

(Newsletter) – Darkspore is now available!

If you haven’t noticed, Darkspore is now available!

ZAM’s Darkspore Launch Roundup and Starter Guide

I’ve played the Darkspore beta, and while I had good intentions, I just didn’t get hooked like most people are when they play – it’s not that its a bad […]

IGN – Darkspore Review

There are some really great things about Darkspore. The vast amount of customization options and the simple but fun battle system kept me interested enough to overlook the poor execution […]