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Spore: Indominus Rex


Apart from being a big Sims fan, I also love the Jurassic Park franchise. With the fourth film coming this June, Rebecca2108 has been inspired to create the new ‘hybrid’ dinosaur from the movie in Spore!

I absolutely love this, be sure to check it out:

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Darkspore Parts for Spore!


Want more parts for your Spore game?  Darkspore’s editior is just a heavily modified version of Spore’s creator editor, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the files are roughly similar.  In fact, so similar that you can actually transfer the parts and pieces from Darkspore over to Spore!  Davopotamus figured out the method to display Darkspore parts in your game:

INSTRUCTIONS: First you need to know a few things.

These parts come from your own Darkspore/Data folder.

You must copy the file Arenas_RDX9.package, Arenas_Textures.package & Other.package from your Darkspore/Data into your current Spore/Data directory.

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Will Wright at Inventing the Future of Games


Keynote speaker Will Wright is the award-winning creator of Spore, The Sims, and SimCity. The head of the entertainment think tank Stupid Fun Club, Wright is widely acknowledged for creating the simulation video game genre.

Innovators in technology and design continually reimagine computer games. User-generated content for commercial games (Spore, Little Big Planet), social network games (Farmville), vast simulation worlds with their own economies (World of Warcraft), games using mobile phones to augment reality (Ghostwire)–ten years ago these were dreams, and now they’re part of the cultural fabric.

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Spore Community’s Beta Invite for Darkspore


Missed out on the 24 hour period to get your Darkspore beta-keys?  Well, don’t feel down as it’s still possible to get one…if you have a copy of Spore, that is!  MaxisJason posted the following on the official Spore forums on a very simple way to get a key if you have yet to obtain one – and that’s to re-create one of the Darkspore characters in Spore’s creature creator.  Here’s the scoop, with special thanks to TerraSpore for posting:

Greetings Everyone!

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Spore’s Hypno Mantis Template Challenge


A new challenge has appeared, are you man enough to take it?  Take this Hypno Mantis template and modify it to the description set via Maxis for a chance for your character to become an NPC in DarkSpore!

Fixed Morphology Challenge

In this fixed morphology challenge it’s up to you to modify our template creature to fit the bio provided below. Entries will be judged on creativity, simplicity, adherence to creature bio, and how well they animate. Show us what this creature should look like in the Hypno Mantis Template Challenge!

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