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I’m your God now! *steals ladder*

I normally don’t play a lot of PC games.  Just about every PC game that I have owned and played have been simulation/god games.  I don’t think it’s my thrill […]

“And that’s a wrap!” – The Sims On Stage is closing

Thanks to Snooty, I was tipped that EA’s karaokeo site The Sims on Stage will be closing it’s curtains on March 31.  All of the content on the site – […]

Sims, Barbies and Vampires – oh my!

What does The Sims, Barbies and Vampires all have in common?  Examiner takes a look with their latest article “The Sims: an acceptable way for adults to keep playing with […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on February 28, 2009: The Sims 3…er Warhammer takes #1 spot

The NPD results from Feb. 22 thru 28 are a depressing bunch…Why?  Because we all know what game would of had the #1 spot, and for many weeks after.  That […]

Write for The Sims! – EA/Maxis looking for freelance writers *Updated with more details*

*Updated 3/4/09 with more details with a note from MaxioidHydra* Hi Simmers, By popular demand, here are some more details on what we’re looking for, with apologies for the perplexing […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on February 21, 2009

Nothing much to talk about on the PC Sales chart during the week of Feb. 15 thru the 21st.   EA/Maxis is still holding strong…but not strong enough to earn the […]

Maxis responds to EULA about paysites – they’re okay!

During The Sims 2 lifespan, a battle broke out regarding the fact that paysites were breaking the Sims 2 EULA regarding charging for custom content. Well, in a move that […]

‘Making a fool of yourself’ or how to create a Sims Plumbob for Halloween & Cosplay

I would so do this if I had green construction paper.  That’s just how much of a fool I am   I became bored at work today and during my […]