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‘Making a fool of yourself’ or how to create a Sims Plumbob for Halloween & Cosplay

I would so do this if I had green construction paper.  That’s just how much of a fool I am :P  I became bored at work today and during my […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on February 14, 2009

Do you wonder what sweethearts bought their love for Valentines in the PC gaming world?  Looks like Warcraft takes the spot once again for Valentines Day!  NPD has released the […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on February 7, 2009

The NPD results for the week of February 1-7 has been published.  Really, nothing much has changed with the Sims/Spore world other than Apartment Life dropping to #9 and the […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on January 31, 2009

Noooooooo!!!  Warcraft bumped up again to take the #1 spot for the week of January 25 – January 31.  Ah well, fun while it lasted.  Here’s the  NPD results from […]

Who dat is? It’s my baby’s daddy! Looking at pregnancy in gaming

Pregnancy in The Sims 2 is the most realistic and gives players the greatest sense of accomplishment. Here’s how it goes down: a would-be parent has to select the “Try […]

The benefits of video games

Thomas of PrimeTime Sims 2 emailed an intriging article of the 15 clearest Benefits of Gaming from Edge Online.  He made a valid point that The Sims has the potential […]

Walrus Magazine – Let’s All Be Neighbours on Will Wright Street

It took Will Wright seven years to complete Spore, which sold more than a million copies in the three weeks after its release. This was entirely predictable. In 1989, he […]

NPD PC Chart for the week ending on January 24, 2009

You know, has anyone ever created a machinima of both Sims and Warcraft together in which the characters duel it out?  We’d all know the Warcraft characters would simply win, […]