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Let’s Play The Sims Castaway Stories Episode 1


Episode 1 of Let’s Play The Sims Castaway Stories is now available to watch on the BeyondSims YouTube channel!

The Castaway Stories game focuses on our Sim who is washed ashore on an unknown island and must survive!

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Happy 15th Anniversary to The Sims!


Can you believe it? 15 years ago, on the 4th February 2000, The Sims was released in North America and the world was never the same. Hard to believe that it’s been that long since Bob and Betty Newbie first moved into 7 Sim Lane.

The Sims, which was almost never made, exploded in the PC market and became the #1 Best Selling PC Game of all time! That caught everyone by surprise!

Since then we’ve had three sequels, several spin-offs, console ports, plenty of expansion packs and a wonderful community has formed who enjoy celebrating The Sims and sharing their creations.

Here’s to many more years of playing with life. Happy Birthday to The Sims, and a huge thank you to EA, Maxis and Will Wright!


Sims 3 Store: Last Venue of Amore Review


The Store team confirmed that the Last Venue of Amore is the last Store set for The Sims 3 Store. It’s sad to see that day by day, The Sims 3 is drifting away as The Sims 4 is getting closer. However, I’m happy that the Store team ended the Store with a beautiful venue! The venue is a beautiful new lot and the objects that comes with it really have that beautiful touch. The new venue is available for 1,900 SimPoints

I’m dividing this review into some parts so that it’ll be easier to read

  • The Venue
  • Gondola of The Sinking City Premium Content
  • Bridge
  • Buy/Build Mode Objects
  • Overall thinking



The Last Venue of Amore is a 64×64 (yes, It’s huge!) with many buildings! The building in the middle is a cathedral and you can use it for weddings. You can see some buildings surrounding the cathedral. There isn’t nothing much inside those buildings but you can decorate it if you want to. Starting from the left, there’s a nice room for sitting and if you go through the passage, you will see a bedroom and you can find a couch and a TV upstairs. Then after crossing the bridge you’ll see some rooms with old wallpapers which are my favourite! Just like that, you’ll see many rooms like this as your Sim pass by. Here are some screenshots:







So this is the exterior part of the venue and in the last three pictures you can easily see what the venue looks like and what’s in there. Here are the pictures of interior:


I think the Store focused on the exterior this time. I love how the venue looks from outside and be sure to place it in Monte Vista! It really looks gorgeous when the sky has that orange tint. It is relaxing to see when the gondola passes by (YES! There are gondolas!) There’s a relaxing place for eating and chilling outside and it is truly a relaxing scene. There’s nothing much inside the rooms so you could add something extra but It’s all about the outside this time and the gondola, of course! There are bridges built over the canals and it looks like a film, oh my!




Included with the new venue is a premium content called the Gondola of The Sinking City. For the first time ever your Sims can ride a gondola! The content is not sold individually so you need to buy it with the set. The gondola can be used by child, teen, young adult, adult and elders. I’m glad children can ride the gondola too. Keep in mind that in order to use the gondola, you have to place it in canals, you have to connect them. If you don’t do, you’ll get this message:


You have seen that in the past few sets, we would have to connect the tent pieces together to make a tent. The same happens here but this time they are canals and to be honest, they are easier to connect than the tent pieces. Here are all the canals:



You would have to place the gondola on a canal entrance first to make it work. Here are some tips: First place the Entrance Canal, straight canal, corner canal and so on. After your Sim rides the gondola, it will return to the place it started. Only two Sims can sit on the gondola. Here are the interactions available with the gondola:



So I’m starting with “Give Ride to” first. Here, your Sim will give ride to the selected Sim just like here shown below:


While your Sim rides, your Sim will react to the ride in different ways. Some will look around and point, others will look surprised as shown below:





Whoops, please forget the cow there!

Your Sim can also test the canal and see If It’s ready to use:


If your Sims are close enough with each other and if they have a higher relationship, the following options will be available:


In order to enable these options, make sure they have a higher relationship (up to Romantic Interest will be okay)

So, this is how WooHoo looks like on the gondola




if you click the WooHoo, cuddle or make out options, It would take a while for the gondola to stop. I don’t know If you’re experiencing this but It takes way TOO long for my gondola to stop.

After the ride, relationship will improve and you’ll get this moodlet:


Another thing I want to point out is that your Sims won’t get on the gondola by themselves. They will pop in there just like how they get in the car. I wish they got there by themselves.



Now you can build bridges in The Sims 3! In order to make the bridge, you would have to place stairs and attach the bridge to the stairs. There’s also a piece that works as an extender. Here’s a bridge I built to show you all:


I know It didn’t go as well as I planned. You can add the foundation If you want to. It’s your wish.



There are new buy/build mode objects with this set and I must say, they are really amazing. The new cathedral window is my favourite so far, the detail is just beyond amazing! It would be nice to use them at weddings! I love that big windows with ivy around it. It would go nice with almost everything. The door is one of my favourite objects too. I adore the design on the upper part and that curve shape is pretty too! There’s also a new fountain too which looks quite dull but that’s just my opinion. The bridge was a great addition to the set and I’m glad they added it. The thing I liked the most are the wallpapers! They are SO nice! I like the ‘old’ and ‘rustic’ style of them. They neither look dull nor too old. The wallpapers are a plus point to this venue! Below are the pictures of all the buy/build mode stuff:


To combine all the stuff together, first let me talk about the venue. I have no words to say about the venue. It is a beautiful lot with no errors. I don’t like the interior that much but I am in love with the exterior. It’s nice to see sims riding the gondola and pass by every buildings; it reminds me of Venice! The premium content goes along well with this venue. The Store added new animations to it like when the Sim is sitting on the gondola, your Sims will react to it. I hate that it takes a long time for it to stop after clicking the WooHoo option. I’m unsure if that happens to everyone who own the venue. I wish the gondola could roam around freely with no canals but I understand It would take a lot of coding to make it work like that so that’s fine. I have no complaints about the Buy/Build mode objects. They are stunning and they go very well with the set. Are you unsure whether you want to buy the set or not? Here are some questions I want to ask: Do you want new wallpapers in your game? What do you think of bridges and gondolas in your game? Do you want different types of windows in your game? But that’s just me helping you decide :-) Hope you all enjoyed reading my review!

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Sims 3 Store: Brunch At The Old Mill Review



A new set called Brunch at the Old Mill released at The Sims 3 Store on the 3rd of July. Brunch at The Old Mill set is now available for 1450 SimPoints till 7/8/14 (The original price of the set is 1700 SimPoints.) Keep in mind that this is a set, not a venue. The set contains 28 items including 3 premium content-

  • Old Miller Tea Time Set
  • Grandma’s Canning Station
  • Old Mill Water Wheel

I’m diving this review into some parts:


  1. The Old Mill
  2. Old Miller Tea Time Set
  3. Grandma’s Canning Station
  4. Old Mill Water Wheel
  5. New rustic L-shaped stairs
  6. Buy/build mode objects
  7. Overall thinking




Like I said, It’s a set and there’s no venue. You have to download a separate one which SimGuruKitty uploaded on the exchange. Well, she uploaded two lots actually. They can be placed in 53 and 57 Waterfall Way in Sunset Valley. You can download the lots for FREE:


The Old Mill lot-

Stoney Falls Near the Old Mill-


While the Old Mill is the main lot, Stoney Falls near the Old Mill is a normal lot but It’s a pretty beautiful lot and perfect for fishing! The Old Mill lot is a 36×47 lot, It’s quite small but the whole lot is completely filled with beautiful flowers, a water wheel and a little waterfall too. Inside the lot is a place for Sims to drink tea and have fun with friends. There’s a nice pond outside too. I recommend placing the lot either in Sunset Valley or Aurora Skies! Here are some pictures of the lot:









For the first time ever, your Sims can drink tea in The Sims 3! (yes, TEA!!) Sims can finally experience the daily life of a British. This premium content is not sold individually so you need to buy it along with the set. I hope It is sold individually in the future. Actually, this isn’t a tea set but has a table attached to it. If you want to use this object, the table will be there which is quite sad. I hope there’s a mod to place the tea set on different tables. Up to four sims can have tea and you can ONLY place four chairs. There are two interactions: 1) Make a Cup of Tea 2) Serve Tea. 

While your Sim is making a cup of tea, he/she only makes for himself and other Sims can join by clicking the table. While your Sim serves tea, your Sim will make cups of tea depending on how many chairs there are. I love the little animations the Sims do while making a cup of tea and they have a nice little chat with other Sims while they drink tea.  There are no moodlets. Here is how Sims serve tea:






Please don’t mind the horse in the pictures 😛 Keep in mind that while drinking tea, it could increase your Sims energy and hunger but it would also decrease their bladder so keep an eye out If your Sim drinks too much tea! My one almost had a bladder failure.





he second premium content is the canning machine which would enable your Sims to make jam and preserves using the harvestables your Sim has in his/her’s inventory. To make the jam or preserves, your Sim need three harvestables of same type in their inventory and put it in the canning machine. Here is the canning machine:


The process is quite simple. Here’s my Sim making chocolate spread using the cocoa harvestables:




Not only you can make chocolate spread but also jam with other harvestables too! But I used cocoa just for an example. You can also use the jam and spread on scones and toast! If you open the preserves, you can reuse the harvestable but if you open the jam, you can spread it on scones or toast as I have mentioned. Once you sim makes the jam, you can find it in their inventory and you will get these interactions:


Scones and toast:



After eating this a moodlet will be available: (Yeah, jammin’!)


If your Sim uses strawberry as a harvestable, your Sim will get a special type of moodlet:


I wish Sims could have tea and scones/toast together while having tea.




Old Mill Water Wheel is the third premium content. Although there’s nothing much you could do with it, It’s a beautiful object that moves and makes peaceful sounds. You can also use this content for a farm you built or use them in community or residential lots too.The only interaction available here is “Fish” They come in different colours too:


 Keep in mind that this water wheel doesn’t catch any ordinary fish but a special type of fish which is quite terrifying and shocked me! Yeah, sharks!! It will catch random objects too.


xf v

I heard that there are sharks in oceans and seas, but in a water wheel (like what?) but that is interesting!

There are no special animations your Sims could react to. Your Sim can only just fish. I wish there were some animations added to it like touching the water and other animations etc but it’s a pretty good content I must say.

The Canning Station Premium Content also comes with two new harvestables- Corn and cucumber





Included with the set is a rustic type L-shaped stairs that is quite different from the ones in the Prism Art Studio Venue. These L-shaped stairs actually has a Victorian touch and I prefer this much more than the ones included in the Prism Art Studio Venue. As always, there are right and left pieces as show above. I’m glad that these stairs aren’t glitch like the ones from the Now And Then Manor where the colours wouldn’t mix. However, I’m happy to see that there are no glitches in this one.



There are total 28 objects included in Buy/Build mode. All the objects are pretty and give me the classical feeling. I love the lighting with jars of firefly! The fireplace is my favorite too; i love the round shape of it and how it is decorated with bamboos. There are three types of chimneys which are for decor only or you can use them as columns. Love the idea that they are recolourable. There’s also two types of fences- Stone Faced Rock Fence and Rock Steady Fence. The Stone Faced Rock Fence has three types of recolours and love the one which is recoloured black and has red linings. The well and the butter churner is a decor. I wish the butter churner was a premium content, would go fantastic with farming objects! The Shire Gate is like the Stone Faced Rock Fence and has the same three types of recolours
. It would go well with the fence. The Way The Moss Grows Stone Steps is a new kind of stairs where the steps are covered with moss! I’ve been waiting to see that for a long time. I konw I would be using these in my outdoor builds and I would love to see what other simmers of the community does with it! The Hay Now Cart is a decor and would go well with farms. The best thing I like about the set is the IVY! There are so many of them and would go well with almost every buildings you create! You can also drag it up and down! Below are the images of all the Buy/Build mode objects:


I’m quite pleased with the price of the set being 1450/1700 SimPoints. Considering that the original price of the set is 1,700 I would have much preferred 1500 SimPoints. However, other than that the price seems quite okay to me as the premium content included this time are better than the previous set in my opinion. I love the theme of the set and the fact that they didn’t include a venue and uploaded a free lot to the Exchange is quite impressive. Otherwise people would’ve to pay for the whole venue. The Old Mill is a wonderful lot, SimGuruKitty did an amazing job building the lot. The theme of the lot goes well with the set and is very pleasant. I would’ve loved if they added something funny to the tea set, like a Sim is drinking the tea but accidentally drops it on the floor. Some new moodlets would have been fine too. Apart from these, the tea premium content is one of my favourite PC from this set! Preserves and jams were perfect addition to this set. However, the scones and toast are covered in the same colour. For example
, If you spread chocolate spread on a scone, it would have the same color as the one covered in strawberry jam which is well… weird. The water wheel is a funny and nice little premium content. it’s funny that you can find sharks in it! But I love how beautiful it looks by watching it. The Build/Buy mode objects are mostly decor but the objects are really nice. I’m glad that there are corns for decor. I use them almost in every lot I create! This is one of the best Store sets I’ve tried out but wish there was something more. Thanks for reading our review!

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The Sims 3: Brunch at the Old Mill Giveaway


❗ Thank you for participating! The randomly selected winner is bantersauruslex.

Would you like to be in a chance to win the latest store set, the Brunch at the Old Mill? Well get your tea and scones with clotted cream and jam ready, as you could win it in this competition!

For a chance to win the store set all you have to do is leave a comment telling us whether you like tea with or without milk before 7pm BST on the 7th July 2014*.

Good luck :)

*Terms and Conditions

❗ Please ensure you use a valid email address and only comment once. Multiple entries will not be counted. BeyondSims reserves the right to cancel the competition at anytime and substitute the prize in the rare event that we are unable to provide it. We will make all efforts to contact the winner but if, after a reasonable time period, we are unable to make contact another winner shall be randomly selected.

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Sims 3 Store: Brunch at the Old Mill


A brand new set has been released on The Sims 3 store called the ‘Brunch at the Old Mill’. This new set includes 28 new items, 3 of which are premium content. This set also sees the return of the L-Shaped stairs which were removed from an earlier store set due to errors.

Click here to grab the new set and if you want the venue shown in the images, then click here to grab it from the exchange.

Harken back to a rustic era of cozy charm with the Brunch at the Old Mill set. Finish working the fields by your mill house just in time for a second breakfast of tea and scones.

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Nostalgia Sunday: The Sims 3 E3 Trailer


After neglecting Nostalgia Sunday for a little while, it’s back! Woohoo! And what better way to get things going again with The Sims 3 E3 trailer from 2008.

Since we’re approaching EA’s E3 conference tomorrow, and this week is The Sims 3’s 5th birthday, what better time to post this?

Do you remember how you felt when you first saw this trailer?