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Island Paradise Mermaid Madness Blog!

Check out the new community blog by SimGuruSarah. It’s aweSim! Mermaids are a new occult life state in The Sims 3 Island Paradise! Mermaids are a lot like regular Sims, […]


SimGuruSarah IP Pic – The Palms Gym

So groovy baby! Here’s the new gym for the world of Isla Paradiso. Yeah baby!


New Week, New SimGuruSarah IP Pic

Today’s IP pic shared by SimGuruSarah is of the Beso Del Sol garden near City Hall.


The Sims 3 Time Travel Expansion Named

The upcoming time travel expansion pack has now received a name, as discovered by SimsDomination. On EA’s Legal Notice webpage, it says ‘The Sims 3 Into The Future Expansion Pack’. […]


Rachybop’s Sims Saturday – Island Paradise Community Day

Rachybop has uploaded her Sims Saturday following the Island Paradise Community Day. She talks about Island Paradise and even shows a video of our Skype interview with SimGuruGraham and SimGuruSmitty!


Uppsie Bray Available On YouTube

Uppsie Bray, the song we’ve heard from Island Paradise in the game trailers, is now on YouTube to listen to!


Dragon Valley Concept Art

Earlier SimGuruSmitty shared concept art of Dragon Valley’s school rabbit hole..


Download Dragon Valley’s Festival Lot Today!

The awesome SimGuruSmitty has finished and uploaded the festival lot for Dragon Valley. If you have Seasons, get it today!