From (PC) Supernatural 10$ Off Sale On Supernatural, Seasons, And University


For those of you with holes in your collection in the States, is having a Sims 3 sale online (presumably only online). 10$ off one of the latest 3 expansions is nothing to frown about! Note that this also applies to the ‘Plus’ versions if you have someone in your gaming circle who has yet to pick up The Sims 3 at all :)

Supernatural Review by Sims Network!


The very cool Sims Network has done a review of Supernatural! Let’s check it out together by clicking the link below.

Moonlight Falls is the new world that comes with The Sims 3 Supernatural. It’s a beautiful green neighborhood with plenty of Victorian houses. It has a couple of lots that require other expansions, so if you don’t have those expansions, the lots will probably just be empty. In this Supernatural world, there are a lot of references to popular supernatural tv shows and movies, such as Charmed, Harry Potter, Being Human, Twilight and True Blood.


Unreleased Katy Perry Supernatural Video – B-Roll


Source: SimsVIP

Now I wonder why they never uploaded this to their channel… Maybe they finally realized that the majority does not want KP in their Sims? I think, yes. Especially after that disaster that was Sweet Treats. Poor SimGuruJenn, she will be missed. :'(

Get 50% Off The Sims 3 Supernatural!


Origin are currently running a 50% off sale for Halloween! All you have to do is play a quick game to unlock 50% off loads of great games, one of them is The Sims 3 Supernatural.

This is on Origin UK/Europe and may not be available in other countries

Weather Stone Info


I am loving this giant stone tiki thing. Each Supernatural creature have their own weather effect by interacting with the Weather Stone.


Play with both The Sims 3 Supernatural and The Sims 3 Seasons and unlock an exclusive magical item – the Weather Stone. When both expansion packs are installed, this mystical object will appear on a community lot somewhere in the current world*. Witches, vampires, werewolves, and fairies from The Sims 3 Supernatural can then awaken the Weather Stone and summon their own magical weather any time of year.

• Bewitching Rain – When a witch casts this mischievous spell using the weather stone, a green rain will fall on the entire world. Any Sim caught outdoors will dance wildly and act crazy, even though they are magically prevented from getting wet!
• Eclipsing Fog – Vampires can conjure this spell to cause a chilly fog to form over the town and cool even the hottest summer day. It also makes it easier for your fanged friends to find willing snacks.
• Reviving Sprinkle – Who says rainy days have to be dreary? When fairies create this spring shower of blossoms, all the gardens in the Sims’ world are instantly revived and cared for. Of course, no fairy magic would be complete without a rainbow at the end!
• Hunter’s Storm – Werewolves are great hunters to begin with, but this magical storm gives them even more of an edge. Collectable items fall with the snow and your lupine Sims have a much better chance of sniffing them out as they stalk through the icy drifts.

*Weather Stone will appear in all worlds, except for those from The Sims 3 World Adventures.

Female Wereworlf Concept Art


via: Os Games EA

I have to admit, I do love the fact that EA keeps sharing concept art from their games. Now if only they would share some behind the scenes stuff on how they decide what families to include with a new world or game. Oh and fingers crossed for lots of Seasons concept art. Can’t wait to see what they have for Aliens. w00t!

So what do y’all think about all of this concept art? Love it? Meh? C’mon tell me I HAVE TO KNOW!!!