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Lucky Palms is Now Available. Time to give up your hard earned cash. JUST DO IT! Das Auto!

I want to be a produ… Oh my, how embarrassing. The new world is now available in the Store. Buy it now, right now. Also, my light bulb is about […]

The Wishing Well

Whale Wale Well, that’ll be $5.82… XD The wishing well is at the heart of Lucky Palms history! Armed with an ancient treasure map, three brothers made their way across […]

3 Old Ladies of Lucky Palms

Via the awesome SimGuruSarah.

2 New Lucky Palms Screenshots

Two more families, two more pics.

Sims Nieuws Reviews Hidden Springs

Sims Nieuws’ Review on Hidden Springs Hidden Springs has a irresistible attraction to the rich and famous who are looking for relaxation and who want to escape their day to […]

More Pics of Lucky Palms

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Mesquite and Palm Trees

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3 more screenshots of Lucky Palms!

Via: SimGuruSarah