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Sims 3 Store: Deliciously Indulgent Bakery – Coming April 2014!


SimGuruCopeland has posted on The Sims 3 forums talking about the upcoming Deliciously Indulgent Bakery! Fresh out of the oven in April 2014!

I’m so glad we can start talking about the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery that’s coming in April! I must have added ten pounds just designing this venue. But now that SimGuruTaterTot has posted this exciting new image, let’s grab a cupcake and chat a bit about what all you’re seeing in this picture.


First of all, this is our first look at some of our exciting new Premium Content items, called the Baker’s Bazaar Collection! This includes the Delightful Dessert Display, the Rustic Bakery Rack, the Baker’s Sales Rugs (not pictured) and Sweet Nothing Simoleon Register.

These items allow you to display any food that your Sims can make and sell them similar to the Savvy Seller’s Collection but with a few notable exceptions. To begin with, the Savvy Seller’s Collection restocked items so that Midnight Hollow always had full shelves for your Sims to shop. But with the Bakery it’s your Sims job to create all of the delicious desserts to keep your customers happy. Note that this particular change means that bakeries that aren’t owned by your Sim tend to sell out after a day or so, but that should cut down on too many rival bakers.

Since you don’t want all of that food going bad, the displays are all refrigerated (or in stasis, or using preservatives or whatever helps you feel better about how your food isn’t rotting after a few hours.)

While this venue is a bakery, you can actually sell any food available in the Sims. So if you want to open a Sims Deli, you can make that dream come true!

Making all that food is going to be pretty time consuming, so if you want to hire someone to tend register, you can get that extra help. (FYI: You may notice that we eliminated the notices of Cashiers not being able to make it to work.)

We also have a couple of new rugs that work just like the displays. So you can slide the rugs under counters, tables, etc. and any food placed on top of that item will have all of the sales functionality. This way you can make your bakery your way.

And then there’s the FOOD! Did you see all of that cool new stuff in there? And read all of the Tweets where SimsGuruTaterTot is talking about new recipes that tie directly into the harvestables that shipped with Bohemian Garden? Yeah… we definitely need to grab another cupcake sometime and chat about all of the new food coming with this set. AND the rest of the Premium Content. ‘Cause you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. 😀

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Sims 3 Store: Upcoming Set Preview


SimGuruTatertot has shared an image of an upcoming store set. It looks like we’ll be getting some sweet treats in this set 😉


Sims 3 Store: Bohemian Garden Set Review


Today I’m excited to review the new set which was released on The Sims 3 Store on Friday 7th March 2014. Some pretty awesome things are included with this set and I’m excited to show all of you the things! I hope you enjoy the rest of my review.

This set was supposed to release on Thursday but due to some technical difficulties, they released it on Friday but after all the waiting was worth it! This set has some gorgeous items that I look forward to use in the game. For the first time ever, 8 harvestables are included (That is a lot!) and this attracted many simmers to buy this awesome set. The 8 harvestables are: strawberries (yum!), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, pears, cocoa beans and finally the last one is pecan. Not a fan of berries but I would surely want them for my Sims! By the way, this set is on sale right now for 1,450 SimPoints till 11/03/14 so be sure to get it before the sale lasts! Oh, and the original price is 1,700 SimPoints.

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Sims 3 Store: Bohemian Garden Set Now Available


Following a slight delay by a day, the latest set from The Sims 3 Store is now available for purchase! The Bohemian Garden brings a variety of new things to the table including a gazebo, hanging chair, recolourable flowers and new harvestables!

For 1,450 SimPoints (reduced from 1,700 until the 10th March 2014), you can get your hands on the Bohemian Garden!


Release your Sims inner Bohemian! Spend a spring morning planting a variety of new harvestables and an afternoon lounging under a flower-covered canopy. What free-thinking spirit doesn’t want to take off their retro-styled boots and walk among the wildflowers?

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Sims 3 Store: More Images of Upcoming March Set


SimGuruCopeland has been sharing more images of the upcoming store set over the past few days on Twitter. These images confirm that we will be getting recolourable flowers, a gazebo and much much more! It looks fantastic, check out the images below:

Oh, and incase you were wondering, you can fit a hot tub under the gazebo 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 17.05.19 Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 17.05.37 Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 17.07.26


Sims 3 Store: 8 New Harvestables Coming with March Set


SimGuruCopeland has been working hard at teasing us about the upcoming store set in March.

After recently revealing that the set will contain re-colourable flowers and berries, he has now left us a tweet suggesting that we’ll get EIGHT new harvestables!

Sims 3 Store: SimGuruCopeland Teases March Set


The Sims 3 Store team love hinting at what is coming up next in the store. Recently, SimGuruCopeland has mentioned that there’s going to be an amazing chair in the next set and to add to this he has now left a hint on The Sims 3 forums.

I’ll chime in to tell you exactly what I meant…

There’s a lot of chairs in the game, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see a new one and go “WOW”. I don’t want to over-hype on such a quaint item, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on anything more from that statement.

But here is a genuine hint:

The theme of the set is a re-imagining of one of my favorite Stuff Packs from the Sims 2. At least it’s “Part 1” of that re-imagining. 😉

Feel free to speculate about what it may be! SimGuruCopeland has confirmed that it will not be an IKEA inspired store set. That leaves out one stuff pack…

Update: SimGuruCopeland has tweeted an image of ‘The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff’. While not confirmed, this is more than likely a huge hint at what the set has been inspired by!


Celebrate Valentines Day with a FREE Store Set


The Happy Valentines Day 2014! set is now available on The Sims 3 Store for free. Celebrate Valentines Day with your Sims at no extra cost! 😉


You can’t put a price tag on love, so we decided that we shouldn’t put a price tag on this set either. Enjoy these free Valentines Day gifts!

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