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Sims Nieuws Reviews Lunar Lakes!

Time for another review of Lunar Lakes. This time it’s by the awesome Sims Nieuws! The new World Lunar Lakes is a fantastic World full fantasy and perfect for Sims […]

Sims Network Reviews Lunar Lakes

Time for a review of a world and what not… Uh huh. Yep. I say. I reckon so. So I recently got my hands on Lunar Lakes, the new world […]

PenguinTech Reviews Lunar Lakes

Their review is “out of this world”. In the valley of Lunar Lakes is the heart of this world to find. The center of Lunar Lakes is lively and packed […]

Hidden Springs Retail version includes disc

EDIT – This is lame as balls…SimsVIP popped in the disc, and it only contains Origin…nothing else.  You still have to download the town from the store.  This is utterly […]

$40 $80 and $160 SimPoint Bundles Updated

Dunno anyone who’d buy that many at a time. Anyways, if you have $60 or $180 burning a whole in your pocket, why not spend it on SimPoints? Source: SimsVIP

Lunar Lakes Community Blog – Interview with The World Building Team

Here’s a very cool interview with the team that built this very cool world. There’s also some AWESIM concept art as well! Donna Bennett is a modeler on The Sims […]

Lunar Lakes is NOW in The Store!

Buy it today! Buy it now on sale! Right now! ULTRA w00t! Lunar Lakes – 2,400 SP 2,200SP Explore a Unique New World – Meet new Sims, discover new locations, […]

Sims 3 Store – Rock Wall Now Available for Individual Purchase

Get it by itself, today! Source: SimsVIP