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New Store Sets!


So now we’ll get new sets EVERY Thursday? Craziness…

Futureshock Loft Collection – 850 SP

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Collection – 350 SP

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Collection – 500 SP

Mid-Century Modern Bed and Bath Set – 800 SP

Source: SimsVIP

New Store Showtime Set and Hypnotizer Premium Object


Huge thanks to rsdworker for the heads up on this. It looks like the Store team has added a new piece of PC to the Store. As to when they did this, I’d say the last time the site was down… Maybe. Anyways, this looks kinda cool. UPDATE – Turns out this is part of a new Set released for Showtime. Click the pics below to be redirected.

Seeing Stars 2,100SP On Sale for 1,700SP thru 3/22/12

The Hypnotizer

Source: SimsVIP

A New Store Patch is On The Horizon!


What’s that on the Verizon horizon? Why, it’s a new Store Patch. There is not ETA for this upcoming patch at this time, but it fixes a few things that have bugged us for a while. Check the list below and the blog by TaterTot for updates.

  • An incompatibility issue with Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells and the Fountain of Youth.

  • An issue where the Tree of Prosperity will occasionally become frozen when switching configurations.

  • An issue where the Flute Forward dress is causing the Sim’s leg to disappear.

  • An issue where cats will become frozen when jumping on the Overly General Dining Chair.

  • An issue where the visual effects for the PlasmaTron TV are showing up in the wrong location.

  • An issue where the visual effects for the SCORE Television are showing up in the wrong location.

  • An issue where the Simetry Seater is incorrectly placed in the Kitchen – Counters section in Buy Mode.

  • An issue where the BahHaus Fence is not showing up in game after installing

  • The Lunar Lakes crystal rocks are not available in the in game World Editor and on community lots.

  • The Lunar Lakes pipe set is not available in the in game World Editor and on community lots.

  • The Lunar Lakes crystal rocks, pipe set, and portal rabbitholes are not available in the Create-A-World tool.

Thanks to 5050 Sims and SimsVIP for the tip!

New Store Sets!


Get ready to buy some new sets that go well with Lunar Lakes and Future Shock!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – FREE

When Worlds Collide Collection – 2,100SP

The Final Frontier Set 1,250SP

A Mid Century Modern Trailbrazer Set – 1,250SP

The Not So Routine Machine – Only available in these new sets.

Source: SimsVIP

Sims Nieuws Reviews Lunar Lakes!


Time for another review of Lunar Lakes. This time it’s by the awesome Sims Nieuws!

The new World Lunar Lakes is a fantastic World full fantasy and perfect for Sims who want to escape from daily life. The story of Lunar Lakes is about the surviving Sims who landed on this alien planet, after their spaceship went down. The Sims left their spaceship in the middle of the town and built a building around it. The surviving Sims used their own technology from their planet and combined this with the found crystals, and that is how they survived on Lunar Lakes.

First impression of AnsjJ2

When I first heard about lunar Lakes, I got really curious. We already had an alien in The Sims 3 and I knew for sure that there would be such world in The Sims 3. Such a world would be really big with a lot of details. And that’s Lunar Lakes. When I first opened the town I was kind of suprised by the many details and hours EA put into the world.