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Want Toddlers? Then Get The Sims FreePlay


If you’re a fan of toddlers and want to play with them in a Sims game which isn’t The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, then The Sims FreePlay may be for you.

The upcoming game update, called “Baby Steps”, brings new interactions for your babies! Teach them to walk, talk and watch as they create mischief at the dinner table!


Passion For The Game This Quarter


Alongside it’s quarterly financial results, EA have published a fun infographic about it’s games.

And as you’d expect, it includes fun facts about The Sims 4, SimCity BuildIt and The Sims FreePlay!


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.07.30

The Sims FreePlay: Christmas 2014 Update


Firemonkeys has released a new update for The Sims FreePlay, just in time for Christmas!

Sim Town is buzzing with festive cheer as Santa flies in for the Holiday Season! Hang the mistletoe, put up the Christmas tree and decorate your home for a family Christmas together.

The Sims FreePlay: Witches & Wizards Update Coming Soon!


Magic is appearing in Sim Town! Get the help of Sim Town’s resident Wizard and conjure up new spells to save your neighborhood from impending doom.  Summon your enchanted broomstick and hold on to your wand; magical mysteries and mayhem are just around the corner!


Sims FreePlay: Let’s Eat Update


A brand new update for The Sims FreePlay is releasing soon for iOS and Android players! This new update introduces a brand new restaurant with plenty of new things for you to do.

Simmers, are you ready to feast? New ways to cook, and a brand new restaurant are coming soon to Sim Town!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 14.36.19

The Sims FreePlay: Carnival Update Coming Soon


The Sims FreePlay will be getting an all-new update very soon with a focus on carnivals! As the title (obviously) suggests, this will bring carnivals to your game and you can begin the adventure at level 26+.

Another cool thing about this trailer? The Sims 2 music!