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Telegraaf Reviews Pirates and Nobles


Check out this cool review by the dutch site Telegraaf.

In March, Electronic Arts made a trip with The Sims Middle of the fixed Sims series. The game was about to perform missions and managing the kingdom and less fortunate to keep the Sims. Recently the first expansion pack: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Adel.

Nobility or piracy?

The new package will not create significant changes to The Sims Middle Ages. So you still do not own castle. However brings more missions with him and a war between the pirates on the one hand and the nobility on the other.

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IGN Reviews Pirates and Nobles!


Here’s the review of Pirates and Nobles by IGN.

Less than six months ago, Electronic Arts released The Sims Medieval. Despite being based on the Sims 3 engine, it was a reinvented Sims experience: you were no longer managing personal needs and taking care of a family, but living in a small kingdom and completing quests. It was an evolution of one of my favorite games of all time.
Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the first expansion, Pirates & Nobles.

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Save 45% on The Medieval Base Game


Still holding out to buy The Sims Medieval base game? Well now is the perfect time to get it. EA has a special coupon code for you to use at Origin, do so and save 45% on the game! The code is SimsMedievalEA. Get it whilst the getting is good!

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L’univers Sims and The Birds of Pirates and Nobles


Check out this cool article on Parrots and Hawks from Pirates and Nobles!

The birds are part of one of the great innovations of this add-on. There are two types: the parrots and falcons. Either you go to the village shop. Either you buy a perch buying mode. It will then click on it to buy your bird.

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