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‘Tweeted’ info from The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles GamesCom presentation


Below are a bunch of tweets from the fine Sim fansites that were able to attend Gamescom 2011.  This post is for The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles portion of the ‘closed door’ presentation, conducted by Aaron Cohen.  Huge thanks to SimTimes, SimwayDE, SimsNieuws, and SVTimes for providing these!

  • There’s a kind of “pets”. You can train them for example
  • Medieval Pirates and nobles gives you the ability to Torture (well, technically ‘teasing’) your sims
  • There will Be a Pirate queen
  • Beneath the pirate throne room there is also one for nobles
  • Nobles will have a Lot of expensive interior
  • A “ton” of new clothes
  • There are Mans New Outfits for your Pirates and nobles f.e with feather textures
  • New pirate clothes, like a dress and hat for the pirate queen
  • Pirates get shipwrecked on a Beach, there the Story Start . Only Pirates have a Secret handshake
  • Ooh pets! You can have a parrot, give it a name, teach it to speak and attack people with it
  • Nobles come from the North and are snobbish
  • New Combat Moves come for nobles and pirates and every Group has its own
  • Pirates can spit in someones face during a fight
  • Interrogation chair: make someone talk with a chinchilla attack!
  • Treasure hunting – At First you have to equip the shovel and can Start to Search for a treasure with a map
  • Money, Ingredients for poison and Transformation drinks can Be found
  • You can dig for treasures. There are many different things, for example some to transform to a grim reaper
  • Like a grim reaper armor: making your sim actually look like the grim reaper in ghostly kind of way

SimPress – Short Q&A with Aaron Cohen on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles


Practically it’s the same information we’re familiar with, but alias, a new interview is a new interview – via SimPress

4th Why did you decide to focus on the Pirates and nobles?
People love pirates! They have great costumes and fun to say “aaargh.” If they are pirates, we needed a group that will be their opponent – hence the nobility. The rich are gazing at each other snobs who really do not like pirates, and reciprocity.

5th What is the epic story of which we read in the press announcement?
Not wanting to reveal too much, I think I can put it that way. Pirates come to town soon after crashing their ship at sea. Probably someone intentionally failed to ensure their responsibilities by building a pirate ship, and then attacked them in the middle of the night. They appear in the realm of very unhappy. While the rich appear in the kingdom, to visit the king. They want him to negotiate the terms of trade expansion of the kingdom because more than anything love to make money.

When it seems that the whole drama is the history of the kingdom, a man from a group of rich and a woman from a group of pirates disappear. Have been kidnapped? They have an affair? They were murdered? Both groups blame each other about everything. Swords went into motion. And so begins our new story.

more here

GamePron – Developer Q&A on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles


GamePron caught up with the producer of The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles, Aaron Cohen, for a brief chit-chat on the first ‘Adventure Pack’ due to hit store shelves at the end of this month!

It’s over nine-thhoooouuussannnddd!!!

GamePron: Can you briefly sum up the most exciting new things that are in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles adventure pack?

Aaron Cohen: The big things in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles are pirates and nobles! These two groups show up in your kingdom and are clearly having issues. Your job is to work through the epic story of two warring factions where you’ll be tasked with picking a side. You can escalate the conflict or even seek to resolve things peacefully.

We’ve also added some great new features. You’ll be able to own, name and train pet parrots or falcons. You’ll also get an interrogation chair with an amusing array of techniques with which to glean information for unfortunate Sims. And with our new treasure-hunting system, you’ll have a fun way to discover and collect rare and powerful objects.

Read more from GamePron

The GamesCom Pirates and Nobles Live Broadcast


A few post ago, we told you about the Pets live broadcast next Saturday. EA will also have a live broadcast of Pirates and Nobles at 6:30AM PST, that’s two hours after the Pets live broadcast. The event will be with Producer Aaron Cohen and like with Pets, he will be taking and answering questions.

If you thought The Sims 3 Pets is the only The Sims game, that will get its live broadcast on GamesCom, you were wrong. The Sims Slovenija has discovered that EA has also announced a Pirates & Nobles live broadcast from Cologne, in which the producer Aaron Cohen will show us a live demo of the upcoming adventure pack and he will also answer a few of your questions!

Source: Infinite Sims

Platinum Sims presents ‘The Sims Medieval Tradinator’


Let’s see…trying to figure out how to obtain certain items during the trading process can become a huge task – especially if you are short on cash or want to gain the biggest profit possible from it.  Platinum Sims has a tool for you, introducing The Sims Medieval Tradinator!

Direct Link Here

It’s easy and simple to use – enter the item you want on their website and click the ‘Get Trades’ button.  The Tradinator will search for any and all ways possibly to acquire that item.  It’ll even tell you how much it’ll cost to trade each way.  Not too shabby!

The Sims Official German Magazine – August/September 2011 issue


Those blasted hippies – they’re everywhere, and come Friday they’ll be on the cover of The official Sims German Magazine!  That’s correct, the August/September 2011 edition hits newstands on August 12th, and it’s full of new content!

  • Flower Power – Sims are in hippie-fever!  Check out designs in clothes, houses and more!
  • Preview on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles!
  • Learn how to build your own Waterfall
  • And as always, 20 exclusive objects!

Special thanks to SimFans for the news!

Pirates and Nobles – New Traits


Russian site has posted a list of three new traits that will be included in Pirates and Nobles.

Spooky pirate

  • They live to pirate! Creepy pirates love woes, especially marine scrapes.
  • Your character is like to be among the pirates
  • Your character can run pirate attacks and collect pirate file
  • Your character knows how to fight like a pirate!
  • Becomes angry (oh), when drinks

Call of the Sea
Characters with character trait “Call of the Sea” can not live without the sea. Once they stay on land, as they begin to feel like a fish out of water.

  • Your character can go fishing on the boat.
  • After traveling by ship your character will be more focused
  • Your character will start to miss the sea, while long on land


  • Crybabies hnychut in any unpleasant situation. They do not go crazy, they just cry.
  • Crybabies hnychut constantly, so please handkerchiefs.