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‘Tweeted’ info from The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles GamesCom presentation

Below are a bunch of tweets from the fine Sim fansites that were able to attend Gamescom 2011.  This post is for The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles portion of […]

SimPress – Short Q&A with Aaron Cohen on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles

Practically it’s the same information we’re familiar with, but alias, a new interview is a new interview – via SimPress 4th Why did you decide to focus on the Pirates […]

One New Pic From Pirates and Nobles

The Sims Medieval Facebook Page has added a new screen shot. Enjoy!

GamePron – Developer Q&A on The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles

GamePron caught up with the producer of The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles, Aaron Cohen, for a brief chit-chat on the first ‘Adventure Pack’ due to hit store shelves at […]

The GamesCom Pirates and Nobles Live Broadcast

A few post ago, we told you about the Pets live broadcast next Saturday. EA will also have a live broadcast of Pirates and Nobles at 6:30AM PST, that’s two […]

Platinum Sims presents ‘The Sims Medieval Tradinator’

Let’s see…trying to figure out how to obtain certain items during the trading process can become a huge task – especially if you are short on cash or want to […]

The Sims Official German Magazine – August/September 2011 issue

Those blasted hippies – they’re everywhere, and come Friday they’ll be on the cover of The official Sims German Magazine!  That’s correct, the August/September 2011 edition hits newstands on August […]

Pirates and Nobles – New Traits

Russian site has posted a list of three new traits that will be included in Pirates and Nobles. Spooky pirate They live to pirate! Creepy pirates love woes, especially […]