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Telegraaf Reviews Pirates and Nobles

Check out this cool review by the dutch site Telegraaf. In March, Electronic Arts made a trip with The Sims Middle of the fixed Sims series. The game was about […]

The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles – Features Walkthrough video

Special thanks to iSims for pointing this out!

IGN Reviews Pirates and Nobles!

Here’s the review of Pirates and Nobles by IGN. Less than six months ago, Electronic Arts released The Sims Medieval. Despite being based on the Sims 3 engine, it was […]

L’univers Sims and The Birds of Pirates and Nobles

Check out this cool article on Parrots and Hawks from Pirates and Nobles! The birds are part of one of the great innovations of this add-on. There are two types: […]

The Objects of Pirates and Nobles

L’univers Sims has posted 35 pics of the new items that come with Pirates and Nobles. Continue…

Game Guys Review Pirates and Nobles

The Game Guys over at have a review of Pirates and Nobles. Did they like it or hate it? Check it out and find out why they gave it […]

Back cover for The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles

Since GameStop did such an amazing job giving us the back cover to The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles (that’s sarcasm right there if you can’t detect it), The Sims […]

Tech-Gaming reviews The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles

I really ought to get my butt out to the store and pick up this Adventure Pack, but I know as soon as I do, I’ll find it on sale […]