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Telegraaf Reviews Pirates and Nobles


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In March, Electronic Arts made a trip with The Sims Middle of the fixed Sims series. The game was about to perform missions and managing the kingdom and less fortunate to keep the Sims. Recently the first expansion pack: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Adel.

Nobility or piracy?

The new package will not create significant changes to The Sims Middle Ages. So you still do not own castle. However brings more missions with him and a war between the pirates on the one hand and the nobility on the other. To the player the task of peace to try to close or otherwise take sides in the war.

To try to make peace, the player must perform various missions. One of the first is to treat both parties at the court. For that food can be removed and a hostess, and musician are chosen. There are always two choices, and gradually you find yourself an edge is increased.


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IGN Reviews Pirates and Nobles!


Here’s the review of Pirates and Nobles by IGN.

Less than six months ago, Electronic Arts released The Sims Medieval. Despite being based on the Sims 3 engine, it was a reinvented Sims experience: you were no longer managing personal needs and taking care of a family, but living in a small kingdom and completing quests. It was an evolution of one of my favorite games of all time.
Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the first expansion, Pirates & Nobles. The bullet points read like a standard expansion for any of the classic Sims games: new traits, new clothes, new objects, and new social interactions. We’ve also got a new treasure hunting mechanic if you’re really bored.


L’univers Sims and The Birds of Pirates and Nobles


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The birds are part of one of the great innovations of this add-on. There are two types: the parrots and falcons. Either you go to the village shop. Either you buy a perch buying mode. It will then click on it to buy your bird.


Game Guys Review Pirates and Nobles


The Game Guys over at have a review of Pirates and Nobles. Did they like it or hate it? Check it out and find out why they gave it a B-.

When The Sims Medieval came out earler this year, it was a differet take on EA’s The Sims franchise that was a welcome change from the norm.  Pirates and Nobles, the first expansion for Medieval, looks to continue this with the addition of political tension between a country of nobles and a country of pirates with the player’s kingdom caught in the middle.


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Back cover for The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles


Since GameStop did such an amazing job giving us the back cover to The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles (that’s sarcasm right there if you can’t detect it), The Sims Slovenija took it into their own hands to provide us an image – thanks, guys!

Tech-Gaming reviews The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles


I really ought to get my butt out to the store and pick up this Adventure Pack, but I know as soon as I do, I’ll find it on sale for $20 somewhere…Probably would be best for me to hold off for a bit – I don’t think it’s going to have high sales…

Despite Pirates and Noblesaccomplishments, a few presumed supplements were left in Davy Jones’ locker. Gamers expected an increase in the size of their kingdom will be disappointed to discover that the expansion doesn’t increase the size of the Sims Medieval’s realm. Likewise, those yearning to broaden their empire with a collection of castles are still confined to owning a single fortress. While the expansion’s new ambition “Peacemaker” offered a helpful tutorial (assisted by an encyclopedic “lessons” component), novices stumbled over a few of the game’s early assumptions.

Performance-wise, Pirates and Nobles shrewdly scales to a number a number of rigs. Running the game on both a mid-level notebook and desktop with integrated graphics was entirely feasible, as long as the game’s visual luxuries were toned down. Simlish notwithstanding, the pack’s audio is immaculate, with flute-filled melodies and cheerful chanteys to serenade players across the sixteen new quests.

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