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Sims Social – Watch Ad Get Free Energy

Just like before.

Sims Social Now Playable in China!

Awesome! The universally popular life simulation franchise, The Sims™, is coming to China’s leading social network, Tencent Open Platform. The Sims Social™ is in development at Playfish™ in Beijing, a […]

Free Sims Social Music!

Free to listen to that is. Source: SimsVIP

Could Aliens Return to Sims Social?

So last year there was a series of quest that involved an alien. Now it seems like we might see them again. Some beta tester or someone, has leaked a […]

Sims Social – Sims Woohooing 680,000 Times a Day?

EA has released an infographic about the naughty side of the game and it’s # of users. Source: gamesradar

Cars In Sims Social Have Been Delayed

Remember not too long ago, we told you about the Toyota/EA partnership extending into The Sims Social? It was supposed to happen this month as a 2 week-long quest. Instead […]

Dr Pepper and Free Facebook Credits – US ONLY

Ok, this is one my favorite DP promos. EVERY bottle of A&W, Canada Dry, Sun Drop, Sunkist and 7- Up wins you Facebook Credits! You can win between 1 – 5,000 credits! […]

Marie Antoinette Week – Coming Soon to The Sims Social

Why does that name sound so familiar? Anyways, take a look down below at a few of the upcoming items! Source: Sims-Social Fansite