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Sims Social Now Playable in China!



The universally popular life simulation franchise, The Sims™, is coming to China’s leading social network, Tencent Open Platform. The Sims Social™ is in development at Playfish™ in Beijing, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA), and will be available to Chinese players on Tencent’s social gaming network QZone. The Chinese name of the game is Mo Ni Shi Guang.

The new offering from EA and Tencent now brings the fun and humor of playing with life and interacting with friends to Chinese players. Mo Ni Shi Guang combines the best of The Sims gameplay from its creators at The Sims Studio with innovative social gaming features developed by Playfish for Tencent’s social game platform. Mo Ni Shi Guang expands the award winning Sims universe to China, and leveragesthe techniques and service resources from Tencent’s open platform to localize the game both in its art and game design.

The Tencent Open Platform is capable of providing high quality products and services to its users, and has now become China’s leading open platform. With Mo Ni Shi Guang, Tencent Open Platform is set to provide a greater experience to users. Closed Beta testing of The Sims Social is underway, and Open Beta is expected to begin in the coming months.

The Sims franchise is the groundbreaking game series that allows players to create and live a virtual, simulated life. The series has become a global gaming and cultural phenomenon, with more than 150 million units sold across 20 languages and 60 countries. The Sims Social, a browser-based game, launched on Facebook® in August 2011 and saw 50 million monthly active users in its first month. In The Sims Social, players can not only enjoy the fun of building a home and a life, but are also able to play with friends and play with life.

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Could Aliens Return to Sims Social?


So last year there was a series of quest that involved an alien. Now it seems like we might see them again. Some beta tester or someone, has leaked a screen shot of meteors and satellites next to blue Plumbobs. Sweet! If they use these, there’s no telling when this year we’d see them. Fingers crossed for Alien Week!

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Cars In Sims Social Have Been Delayed


Remember not too long ago, we told you about the Toyota/EA partnership extending into The Sims Social? It was supposed to happen this month as a 2 week-long quest. Instead it’s been pushed back to mid-March. As of now the undriveable car will only have a “wax” option and will cost 10 SimCash. That’s if you want to permanently own it, otherwise you can “rent” it during the two week quest. Bummer.

These details don’t seem to have changed, instead the estimated release date of 19th January has been pushed back to around mid March for reasons that we have no idea about? We can reveal however that the car that we believe will be available to use in game, is called the ‘Yashimoto Prais’ (Pictured) and for the time being only holds one interaction, being ‘Wax Car’. It doesn’t seem like the car is drivable in The Sims Social.


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Dr Pepper and Free Facebook Credits – US ONLY


Ok, this is one my favorite DP promos. EVERY bottle of A&W, Canada Dry, Sun Drop, Sunkist and 7- Up wins you Facebook Credits! You can win between 1 – 5,000 credits! But why is this important? DUH! If you play Sims Social and/or other Facebook games, you can use the credits there. Wish you had SimCash to buy something awesome? Enter the code from your bottle cap into their FB app and then convert the FB credits into SimCash! w00t! Pic = LinkClick it!

US residents ONLY. Giveaway runs from January 3rd – August 31st. ONLY 3 codes can be redeemed a day.

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