The Sims 4 First Expansion Pack, Get To Work, Coming April 2015!

Today EA held a conference call which we were kindly invited to, where they announced at The Sims 4’s first expansion pack will be coming in April 2015! The first expansion is called Get To Work and will bring active careers and the ability to own your own retail business! And mixes together two highly requested themes, Ambitions and Open for Business!

You’ll be able to take active control of your Sims’ careers in 3 new career options or you can be your own boss by opening and managing your own retail business.

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New Career Options

The Doctor Career

Choose to save lives and for the first time ever, you can deliver babies! You get to go to work in an all-new hospital venue and use the surgery table.

Detective Career

Track clues and piece them together as you solve big cases! Take your Sim to work a the police station venue and use objects like the interrogation table. Get some good cop/bad cop mojo going on and try to interrogate other Sims.

Scientist Career

Experiment with all new inventions in the science lab using the invention constructor, which we’ll find out more about in the future. This new object is sort oa mix between a 3D printer and Jarvis from Iron Man – create amazing new objects and use for good or bad!

Create your own retail business

You can create and manage your own retail businesses. It all starts in build mode where you can create any kind of business. Run a clothing boutique, art gallery and even stock shelves with books.

Customise everything from the items, hire and fire employees, set the prices and schmooze customers to sell them your products!

Your Sims can even live out one of the new careers by week and then dabble with their passion for baking and sell their creations on the side to earn some extra Simoleons!

Two New Skills

Two new skills arrive with Get to Work which tie directly in with running your own business. These are photography and baking!

Capture picture perfect photos or bake and decorate delicious cakes to stock in your own bakery. In addition, you can turn all of your hobbies into enterprises.

Coming April 2015

More information will be coming over the next few weeks and this first expansion pack will be packed with fun new things for Sims to be able to see and do!

It will launch on PC (physical disk and digital download) and Mac (digital download) simultaneously!


Cities Skylines: Community Secret Sneaky Peaky Video

With a new Cities Skylines trailer coming next week, the team decided to share some footage that unfortunately didn’t make the final cut.

We’re in the middle of making a new trailer for next week, and we got some extra shots from Cities: Skylines that won’t make it into the final cut. However we still really liked them so we wanted to share them with you!


Happy 15th Anniversary to The Sims!

Can you believe it? 15 years ago, on the 4th February 2000, The Sims was released in North America and the world was never the same. Hard to believe that it’s been that long since Bob and Betty Newbie first moved into 7 Sim Lane.

The Sims, which was almost never made, exploded in the PC market and became the #1 Best Selling PC Game of all time! That caught everyone by surprise!

Since then we’ve had three sequels, several spin-offs, console ports, plenty of expansion packs and a wonderful community has formed who enjoy celebrating The Sims and sharing their creations.

Here’s to many more years of playing with life. Happy Birthday to The Sims, and a huge thank you to EA, Maxis and Will Wright!


Rare Concept Art from The Sims 4

On this week’s EA Tuesday Exclusive, EA has shared some rare, never seen before concept art from The Sims 4, back when it was “Olympus”.

Maxis designers, illustrators and developers worked to create a rich and vibrant world The Sims 4. As part of that a new Build Mode was born.

To help The Sims celebrate their 15 year anniversary, we dug around to find some rare pieces of Build Mode concept art and sat down with one of the minds behind Build Mode, Aaron Houts (Designer).

Scroll down for this anniversary edition of the EA Tuesday Exclusive.

How did Build Mode change over time? Take us from concept to completion.
The concept from very early on was “rooms”. We knew this would enable a better workflow within Build Mode, such as being able to pick up entire rooms and move them to a different part of the lot. We thought it would make building more forgiving, more intuitive, and thus  easier to experiment with. We wanted to make Build Mode more accessible for a greater number of players, not just the master builders in previous games.


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The Sims 4: Introducing Genealogy

Can you believe it? This week marks the 15 year anniversary of The Sims™. This is a massive milestone, not just for us in the studio but for all of our players, many of whom have shared this journey from that very first day. We will be celebrating throughout the month of February, but what better way to kick off than by talking about a much-requested feature that we are bringing to The Sims 4 today.

Genealogy is essential for legacy and family players to fully appreciate the scope of their games. For all those players who lovingly document every generation of their Sims, print out their family trees, and keep tracking of the complex relationships that develop, Genealogy is an incredibly valuable tool.

Let’s take a look at a Sim family you might see in the game.


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The Sims 4: Game Update (3rd February 2015)

There’s a new Game Update for The Sims 4, just in time for the 15th Anniversary, and it marks the return of Genealogy (family trees)!

To update, simply open Origin and start downloading.

Greetings Simmers

Let us set the clock back to the early days of The Sims 4, when times were simpler…. when…

…our fore-coders released upon the digital landscape light on the Sims, and their brothers, their sisters, mothers, fathers, step-relations, half-brothers and sisters, and spouses. And the Sims, for a time, were happy. But only for a time, for soon their families grew. Brothers and sisters moved out, parents passed on, and grandparents were surprisingly spry and long lived. New members of the family were showing up every day (the loved and un-loved alike). And the Sims called to one another lost, seeking guidance…

“Are you my brother? I have forgotten your face, and don’t remember your name.” The Sims were unable to claim connection to one another, for their memories had become as holes in a block of Swiss cheese.

And thus it was, until now…

Genealogy is here! Explore the lineage of your Sims, their names, faces, and relationships! Remember who they are to one another!

Return with your Sim, and travel through the branches of their family … David from down the street is a half-brother to Stephanie, the long lost granddaughter of Two-chins, the homeless guy in the park who is the father of Angelina the bartender, who is your sister… and there was much rejoicing.

In addition to traveling through the lineage of your Sims, with this update you can now dress up Grandma Betty in some new Valentine’s clothing, or just hang around with a gnome and a bear.

We’ve also addressed a few bugs, including the map bounce issue, and, for all those Sims who spent their lifetimes waiting to be served, bartenders are fixed!

We greatly appreciate the feedback, the save files, and all the help in narrowing down issues as they arise.

What’s New

  • Genealogy is now available. You’ll be able to look at your Sims’ family history, including brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents (and some greats, and great greats, and…), step relationships (like Step-Father), half relationships (like Half Brother), and of course, Spouses. Read more