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Examiner – Darkspore GDC preview


People who have played Diablo 2 will feel right at home in this game.  With that being said, developers who have worked on this game have also worked on Diablo 2.  Therefore you will not be disappointed with the addictive gameplay that it offers. There are millions of parts to collect and there is also an in-depth crafting system in the game that you will be able to make amazing armor and weapons.

In the campaign mode, you will take your team of 3 heroes to the planet where you will have and abundance of objectives to meet.  

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IncGamers – Darkspore preview


Occasionally, you’ll come across orbs which go into a 3×3 grid in your inventory. Collect enough of these in the same colour and line them up, and they’ll provide additional stat-boosts and upgrades for the duration of that mission. There are also gear/nodule pickups that are the equivalent of weapons or armour and can be applied to your creature after the mission is complete.

Or … you can gamble. Darkspore knows you love loot. And it knows you’d probably like some better loot, so it offers you the chance to receive improved rewards by simply undertaking another mission.

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DarkSpore Developer Chats with Maxis


Our friends over at TerraSpore have been doing a better attempt at keeping up with these, but the videos below are the Developer Chats in which Maxis held while playing Darkspore.

This post will be updated when new Developer Chat videos are released!

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Darkspore Beta Developer Livestream


In the following videos, Maxis developers get together to bring us presentations of the beta for Darkspore!  Thanks to our friends over at Terraspore for the tip! 

This post will continue to be updated with any new livestreams on gameplay provided by Maxis.

Random Developer Gameplay

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‘Heroes of Darkspore’ artwork


Love these!  Maxis shared via their Darkspore facebook page 25 artworks of the various Heroes that we can play in the game.  Wish Facebook didn’t have to resize them – they’d make excellent wallpapers!  Check them out below or on their facebook page!

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Darkspore Beta #4 patch notes


Maxis has launched Beta #4 of Darkspore for the weekend, so open up your game and let the patching begin!  Here are the patch notes for the fourth version.


  • Significant server upgrade with faster overall performance and more responsive gameplay
  • Added loading message before entering a level or entering a PvP match
  • Proper profile portraits now appear in the PvP arena results screen
  • Fixed a bug where the game considered a player still in a party even after leaving it-
  • Added notification to warn the player when their inventory is full
  • Fixed issues with deleting weapons with the trash can icon
  • XP bar now increments immediately after each kill
  • Fixed issue where the wrong squad is loaded in the squad selector
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Enabled game-wide system notifications
  • Fix for NPC tooltips getting stuck on the screen


  • Items in the inventory “Item Store” buyback section are removed each time a planet is started
  • Selling items in the inventory screen is much faster

General Gameplay

  • Improved melee attack animations when chasing another hero in PvP
  • Fixed a bug where horde gates were despawning early
  • Tooltips for linked catalysts are now giving more accurate information
  • Fixed a bug where the final horde would not appear at the end of a planet
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting the “Return to Ship” message before a horde was defeated
  • Pet stats now scale properly when playing co-op
  • Fixed a bug where heroes could get stuck in narrow areas when enlarged by effects like Enrage
  • Reduced overdrive cooldown reduction to 50% from 75%
  • Reduced the bonus to overdrive recharge rate gained while overdrive is active
  • Abilities now display the proper power cost and cooldown times in PvP
  • Cooldown reduction, attack speed scale, and channel time now have a 75% hard cap


  • Polaris’ shots now travel faster
  • Fixed the debuff icon on Suppression Mechanoid’s daze
  • Spectral Drifter and Ghostly Tracker are now immune to debuffs during their charges

Shared Abilities

  • Phantom Charge now only silences for 1 second in PvP
  • Reduced Lifeforce Siphon damage and damage shield % in PvP
  • Reduced the amount of health drained by Lifeforce Siphon in PvP
  • Reduced healing from Enrage in PvP
  • Increased power cost of Omni Shield
  • Reduced cooldown and duration of Omni Shield in PvP


  • Reduced the cooldown of Repulsion Sphere in PvP
  • Reduced the duration of Gravity Storm


  • Reduced the number of projectiles fired by Phantom Burst in PvP


  • Thorn Bark no longer gains improvements from strength since it is already % based


  • Reduced the bonus damage for feared and terrified enemies on Skullbomb
  • Reduced the cast time of Skullbomb


  • Reduced the number of projectiles fired by Webbed Lightning in PvP
  • Fixed a bug that caused Webbed Lightning to not shock enemies
  • Increased the cooldown and reduced the power cost of Webbed Lightning


  • There is now a very slight delay before Probability Assault applies a debuff – as a result, a killing blow will no longer incur a debuff from Probability Assault


  • Increased the cooldown of Terrifying Curse in PvP

– Tree of Life no longer benefits from Enrage
– Reduced the damage of Strangling Briars


  • Reduced duration of Ghostform in PvP
  • Reduced the casting time of Ghostform


  • Increased the damage of Plasma Column in PvP
  • Increased damage and reduced casting time of Meteor Strike
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