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IncGamers – Darkspore preview

Occasionally, you’ll come across orbs which go into a 3×3 grid in your inventory. Collect enough of these in the same colour and line them up, and they’ll provide additional […]

DarkSpore Developer Chats with Maxis

Our friends over at TerraSpore have been doing a better attempt at keeping up with these, but the videos below are the Developer Chats in which Maxis held while playing […]

Darkspore Beta Developer Livestream

In the following videos, Maxis developers get together to bring us presentations of the beta for Darkspore!  Thanks to our friends over at Terraspore for the tip!  This post will […]

The Yogscast – Darkspore Beta preview and chat

I couldn’t make it past 3 minutes in, these guys are pretty boring to me.

‘Heroes of Darkspore’ artwork

Love these!  Maxis shared via their Darkspore facebook page 25 artworks of the various Heroes that we can play in the game.  Wish Facebook didn’t have to resize them – […]

TotalHalibut – WTF is Darkspore? An intro to the beta

Darkspore Beta #4 patch notes

Maxis has launched Beta #4 of Darkspore for the weekend, so open up your game and let the patching begin!  Here are the patch notes for the fourth version. General […]

G4TV – Darkspore preview

Darkspore has been modeled to be Diablo in space. Instead of dungeons, players will navigate across planets. Each world has its own unique enemies, terrain, and sub-plot. These sub-plots are […]