SimFans: Monte Vista Interactive Map has created an interactive Monte Vista map, click here to check it out!

Simfest – Sims Charity Event

On December 31st 2012 a charity event called Simfest will kick off for 12 hours into the new year! This special event has been created by Anidnawind, and it’s a […]

SimCity: Preview Of Strategy Video!

SimCity recently uploaded a new picture on their Facebook wall! It’s a picture showing off a sneak peak of the new¬†Strategy Video. Hopefully it’ll be released on Tuesday!

Monte Vista Festival Grounds – Now Available!

SimGuruGraham has stuck by his tweet the other day, and has uploaded a festival lot for Monte Vista to the exchange, be sure to get it if you have Monte […]

TheQuxxn Reviews Monte Vista

Check out TheQuxxn’s review of The Sims 3 Monte Vista on her YouTube channel!

MySims: Concept Art For Cancelled Game After Skyheroes

Xavier Garcia, a former MySims concept artist shared some concept art for a new MySims game that was set to be released after SkyHeroes. It looks like a reboot of […]

EP9 Listed on The Sims 3 Website

Marvin Abel has shared an image on our Facebook page. It looks like EP9 has been listed on

Blog: Introducing Your New Local Street Market!

Designer Alan Copeland took some time to write about his thoughts on the brand new venue: The Al Fresco Street Market. The Sims 3 Monte Vista has been a favorite […]