Hello i’m Djeranotjuh!

We have brought Djeranotjuh onto the SimPrograms team as part of our efforts to bring you the latest Sims news when other staff members are busy. Please give him a […]

#1 Fanatic Costume–Sims 3 Store

A SimPrograms reader named Derek has emailed me today showing me a costume which is still available on the store for download, for those whom want it. I’ve never seen […]

-Spoiler- Hidden Seasons Pic Found!!!


Hidden Seasons Pic!

SimGuruHydra has hidden a new Seasons pic on thesims3.com but where? Check out the pic below for her hint!

LGR Plays Makin’ Magic

Graham’s Guide to Lot Markers!

Coolness galore 2-D Maxwell House! o, you’re interested in lots that change throughout the year with the seasons? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This thread has everything you […]

Important News: SimPrograms User Database Wiped [UPDATE]

Hi everyone, We have been doing a lot of work on our wordpress installation and you are now viewing SimPrograms on a brand new installation of wordpress! This new installation […]

Two New Seasons Videos

via: L’univer Sims