Two New Seasons Videos

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The Sounds Of Nonsense: Recording Simlish

Hi there! I’m Kadet Kuhne and I want to share a glimpse of the casting, recording and implementation process forSimCity. I was hired onto the sound team at Maxis as […]

80+ Sesons Icons

via: Rincon Del Simmer Oh and just in case we didn’t know, but death by freezing is now confirmed thanks to one of them. Rar file with every icon. Continue…

Sims 3 Feature Video

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Awesome sale going on! Buy one of the games games below and get another below for free!

Seasons Badges!

Badges? BADGES?! WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ BADGES!!! What’s that? We do?! Oh ok. Here’s the badges for Seasons, discovered by SimCookie in game code after installing the new patch! […]

Urbania Sims – Alien Abduction

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Platinum Simmers and the New Blueprint Mode!

The Awesome Platinum Simmers have created a super awesome guide to the new Blueprint Mode in The Sims 3! Check it out below! Can you use Blueprint mode to build […]