The Sims FreePlay Holiday Update: Coming Soon!

Another trailer has been uploaded for the upcoming update, it looks great!

The Sims 3 University Life Logo Reconstruction

Sims-Soul, a Spanish Sims fansite, has re-created The Sims 3 University Life stuff which we saw in an image the other day.

Poll Results & New Poll!

Last week’s poll results are in, let’s take a look at them now! What is your favourite store world? Monte Vista – 95 Votes Sunlit Tides – 107 Votes Lucky […]

The Sims 3 University Life Logo (Spanish)

T.Irpres Pars put together an EA game launch event yesterday in Madrid. When they shown off their work via Twitter, they revealed something more! On the far right, you can […]

The Sims FreePlay – Holiday Update Trailer

Check out what is coming to The Sims FreePlay in the upcoming Christmas update!

UK Game Charts (Week Ending 24th November 2012)

I completely forgot to post about this, Seasons has fell to #4 due to two new games and Football Manager climbing the charts. Such a shame!

Sims 3 Store: Snowflake Day Giveaway

(try saying that 10 timesfast!) With Seasons now out and many Simmers experiencing the new Winter Festival, Snowflake Day (once or twice… or more..), the official blog has been updated […]

New Monte Vista Render

The Sims 3 UK has shared a new render of Monte Vista on their Facebook!