Piracy and DRM

I know that it has been awhile since I posted anything on here, but I have not had much time to do so as I have had a lot of stuff to do for my college courses.  I had to write a term paper for one of my courses and I chose the topic of piracy and DRM.  While this can be a touchy topic, with the upcoming release of SimCity with always online DRM, I wanted to post my term paper and possibly raise awareness about the issues of DRM.  I apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures.


***NOTE: All that follows are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the website as a whole***

Piracy is undeniably rampant in today’s culture.  However, what exactly is the reason for piracy?  Are people lazy?  Do they feel that the product is not worth the price?  Is it a problem with the service provided by companies?  All of these could be possible causes.  DRM (Digital Rights Management) is not a solution to piracy, and how it works can quite often be counterintuitive to preventing it.  There are other possible solutions besides DRM to try to help solve piracy.  To be able to properly analyze the matter, we need to first take a look at the background of piracy and the causes of it.

Piracy, by definition, is “the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book, recording, television program, patented invention, trademarked product, etc” (“Piracy”, Def. 2)  In terms of the internet and technology, this means the uploading or downloading of copyrighted material that the original author did not give consent to be distributed.  This covers a wide range of media types, including TV episodes, movies, software, and music.  The different industries are affected by online piracy; but to what extent?  There is no definitive answer to that question as there is no way to accurately measure piracy rates.  Every torrent, a file type that is commonly used to illegally download content, and every file sharing thread would need to be searched through and determined to be fake or not to be able to even start measuring piracy rates successfully.  This amount of work is insurmountable when you consider the fact that thousands of torrents are uploaded onto hundreds of sites on a daily basis.

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The Seventh Plumbob’s Monte Vista Review

The Seventh Plumbob has a review up of Monte Vista, which I have made.

Monte Vista is the latest world to be released onto The Sims 3 Store for us Simmers to buy and enjoy. The world is Italian/European themed and features a small walled-in area at its centre! As usual, this review will be split up into different parts:

  • World
  • CAS
  • New Items
  • Woodfire Oven
  • Value


The world itself is very pretty, and makes for some excellent screenshots (as you can see below) but it, after a couple of nights looking at it, has failed to excite me. It has a lot of potential for lot building, but you’ll struggle to build Late Night and Showtime lots that fit into the style of Monte Vista without getting frustrated.

Playability is also quite limited – the town has no real central park, and the official festival grounds released are quite literally at one of the farthest points in the entire world. The world is very spread out, making it quite difficult to actually get anywhere. Routing can also be quite difficult at times, with sims getting out of their taxis to walk along paths.

World Pics 01World Pics 11

World Pics 04






Poll Results & A New Poll

It’s that time of the week again when we reveal the poll results! Over 100 more people have voted this week, which is awesome! Let’s take a look at the results…

What is your favourite Sims 3 expansion so far?

Seasons – 49%, 282 Votes
Supernatural – 14%, 82 Votes
Late Night – 13%, 75 Votes
World Adventures – 7%, 40 Votes
Pets – 5%, 31 Votes
Generations – 4%, 25 Votes
Ambitions – 4%, 22 Votes
Showtime (4%, 16 Votes)

Seasons appears to be your favourite expansion, as almost a half of the votes were for that expansion. Make sure you vote in our new poll…

Which generation of The Sims is your favourite?

The Sims 1
The Sims 2
The Sims 3


TheSims2.com Closing on 14th January 2013

All patches are available to download from our website.

Since the release of The Sims 3 not much has happened over at TheSims2.com, and it appears that EA believes now is the time to retire it’s online features and website. This means that all patches, blogs, the exchange, and so on will no longer be available to view. I am also presuming the web page The Sims 2 launcher opens will no longer be active either.

If you wish to save anything from the website, such as a download from the exchange, make sure you do before the online services are terminated. Mind you, 8 years of operation isn’t bad.



Sims 3 Store Santa Hats!

A lot of people were wondering if the store would bring back the Santa Hats for Christmas this year. Rest assured, they’ve just been added to the Holiday section! Download them now while they’re out and celebrate Snowflake Day in extremely tacky style!


Stones Throw Greenhouse (Fixes) UPDATED

I’ve gone through and followed the fix steps that SimGuruCopeland (and SimGuruKelly) pointed out in the link below to fix existing Greenhouses to better emulate weather, and as you can see by my screenshots, the fix works just as they’ve said (for me at least). My plants are very frigid looking, but at least they only appear to have gone dormant. And now more cold moodlets inside either! Hurrah!

Pre Guru Fix:

Post Guru Fix:

Has it worked for you guys?


I have personally been waiting very patiently to catch this little bit of information from the Gurus (specifically SimGuruCopeland) as I was one of the first people to pounce on the Stones Throw Greenhouse Venue. For those of you that weren’t part of the original batch of downloaders and subsequently have missed all the hubub, the Greenhouse Venue from the store was launched with quite a few bugs coming to light after people installed them into their freshly updated Seasons-inclusive games. Weather ended up falling through the glass roof pieces… more than likely because the pieces were not counted as roofs but as roof decor. A couple other things popped up, and so the store team has been working on it for a couple weeks now.

SimGuruCopeland created a new thread to explain the process for downloading the (almost) fully fixed venue for those of us that snagged it before now. He also noted that there is still an issue with plants appearing to be dormant despite them not being, and added that this will be fixed by the expansion team at somepoint in the near future.

Issues that have been addressed with the updated Greenhouse Venue:

Rain and snow will no longer fall into the Greenhouse Venue.
o The Greenhouse Roof pieces now turn off the visibility of tiles in their footprint area. So if you are building your own Greenhouse, this will allow you to place down a flat roof, place the Greenhouse Roof pieces on top, and still be able to see into the room below.
o Please note: if you do not place a flat roof down first, snow and rain will still get into your Greenhouse.Plants will no longer go Dormant inside the Greenhouse Venue.
o If you are building your own Greenhouse, make sure it meets all the requirements to flag it as a room (fully walled and fully roofed).
o Outstanding issue: Some harvestable plants still get the frost texture even though they are not going dormant. This is a bug that must be addressed by the Expansion Pack team, and they have a promising solution that they are testing right now.

Installation instructions for those that have already installed old Greenhouse:

1. VERY IMPORTANT: using your Launcher, uninstall the old Greenhouse first

2. Visit this page to download the updated Greenhouse: http://store.thesims3.com/setsProductDetails.html?productId=OFB
(your download should be 36.99MB)

3. Install the new Greenhouse from your Launcher

4. If you still have previously placed Greenhouses in your world, you will need to delete them and place down the new Greenhouse

5. Enjoy!

Important Notes:

If you accidentally install the new Greenhouse without first uninstalling the old, there is a possibility that you will encounter various problems with your Greenhouse. If this happens, please try the following to correct the issues:

1. Uninstall both versions from your Launcher.

2. Close your Launcher

3. Open your Launcher and verify that no Greenhouse content appears in your Installed Content Tab. If none appears, install the new Greenhouse, skip the remaining steps, and enjoy! Otherwise, uninstall them again and close your Launcher once more.

4. Open your Launcher and verify that no Greenhouse content appears in your Installed Content Tab. If none appears, reinstall the new Greenhouse, skip the remaining steps and enjoy!

5. If they are still appearing in the Installed Content Tab of your launcher or you are still having problems, you will need to delete your DCCache and DCBackup folders, typically located here: C:\Users\<yourusername>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3. Please note that this will DELETE ALL OF YOUR INSTALLED CONTENT! (If you have Store/downloadable worlds installed, there is the possibility that this could kill any of your save files that are in those worlds. Please make sure to back these up before deleting your DCCache and DCBackup folders to ensure you don’t lose your progress.)

6. Reinstall the new Greenhouse and enjoy!

Any BeyondSimmers out there with their own Stones Throw shenanigans? I’d love to hear what you have to say :)

Seasons in SimCity?

It looks like SimCity will have Seasons in-game, which is absolutely fantastic. This game is looking better everytime I hear something new about it!

And from this image below of SimCity, it certainly looks like the Autumn Season, it’s beautiful.

Thanks to GlossyGem