Hidden Seasons Things in New Patch

First is some hidden Seasons moodlets. Thanks to Master Controller, we can see that they are already in game. Next thanks to Debug Enabler, we can see the lightning strike […]

EA Posts $381 Million Loss

Snowman Info

Digging in game files is fun! – Fifty percent chance of sim discovering a new type when making snowman. – Normal weighted chance of discovering new snowman type – Types: […]

New Winter Blog + Several Pics Including Igloo WooHoo!

Hey CatLoverPlayer, I bet you’ll like one of the pics below. All Sims love making snow angels, but daredevils will take it a step further by trying to make one […]

SimFans Seasons Q&A – Winter

Winter Info! Where can you have woohoo? Are there any new places? Yes, try some in an igloo in the winter and in the large pile of leaves in the […]

iSims Previews Winter

Although I winter in real life not really like it, I must say that it was in the game my favorite season! I never thought that this is all the […]

The Sims 3 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff Rated By The ESRB

Even though we know very little about this stuff pack which is coming in January 2013, the ESRB has given it the Teen rating we all expect with a Sims […]

First Alien Uploaded to The Sims 3 Exchange

Fraizesauxsims3, whom recently attended an EA Seasons event, has uploaded an alien to the exchange. You cant use the Alien unless you have Seasons, but you can check out the […]