SimCity: Send Us Your Questions!

Please note: The weather forecast for the day of the event is currently light snow, if this doesn’t change we may be unable to attend the event. We’ll keep you updated.

I have been lucky enough to receive an invitation to a SimCity Community Event at EA Guildford next week. During this SimCity event, we’ll be having a group Q&A session with producer Kip Katserelis and we want to ask him some of your questions! As a side note, I may vlog on the way up and at EA, if we’re allowed.

If you have a question about the upcoming SimCity game, be sure to leave a comment on this post so we can ask some of the best ones during the day.


The Sims 2 Site Closure Today

Today is the day that The Sims 2 Site will no longer be available. That also includes The Sims 2 Exchange. Be sure to download and save any content you want from the Exchange while you still can.

Don’t forget that you are still able to play The Sims 2 since it will only affect the Website and Online Features.



BeyondSims Are Going To EA!

BeyondSims have been invited to a SimCity Community Event later on this month at EA UK in Guildford, Surrey. This will allow us to have a day to play with the new SimCity game from Maxis which is being released on March 5th (US)/March 8th (UK). Hopefully we’ll eventually be allowed to share information about the game with you and hopefully pictures – depending on the rules which EA set during the event.

Providing I don’t miss the trains in my 10 minute changeover (on the way there and back), it will be a great day and I can’t wait to be able to meet other fans of the franchise, try out the game, and give you our impressions on the game. From what we’ve seen ,it looks like it’s going to be amazing. I’ll hopefully be tweeting on the way up and throughout the event if I’m able to as well!

Also be sure to send us questions to ask Kip Katerserlis, one of the game’s producers