LGR Oddware – 3D Glasses?

By now some of you are probably wondering why we’re so into LGR when it doesn’t involve Sims/SimCity. Well, we’re in love with him, er uh his massive collection of […]

EA Working on a Multi-Player Sims Game?

Rincon Del Simmer has found two job listings from September for Gameplay/UI Engineers & two other jobs at EA Redwood. There’s mention of multi-player and The Sims in the descriptions. […]

GameFly – Classic EA Games Sale

Darkspore and SimCity 4 for $4.99. Lots of other EA PC games are on sale as well. GO! GO! GO!

iSims – Seasons Spooky Day Preview

Well, it looks like the Spooky Day Embargo is over. So now the first preview of this awesome day in Seasons has arrived via iSims! WOO! Halloween … or “Gruseltag” […]

4 Possible Upcoming Expansions via Gaming Survey

Source: SimsVIP A Business EP and a Time Traveling EP? Would be so sweet! Thoughts? Remember now, these have come true before. Especially with Seasons and Aliens. So which one […]

LGR – Ignorant Seasons Review

Why can’t people quit thinking that LGR can see into the future… Or can he. HEY, LGR! Gimme the winning lotto numbers! lol

What Would You Ask Maxis?

We thought we’d post this for a bit of fun! If you could ask Maxis Studio anything about the upcoming SimCity game, what would you ask them? Would it be […]

Supernatural & Seasons – Fog, Weather, and Vampires!

Source: SimsVIP