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Will Wright to appear in London

Okay Brits, your assignment if you live close by.  Head on over to the Apple Store on Regent Street in London on September 3 at 3:00 PM sharp to meet […]

Spore (Ad) in Boston

Okay, so now the hype train is starting to pick up steam.  This ad was found at Boston. Okay…I’m actually kind of glad that I haven’t seen these ads were […]

2 German & 1 Spanish Space Stage videos

more videos can be found here Once again, I fail with my German language skills.  But thankfully we have people like GrapeFruit over at the GamingSteve (I <3 that site).  […]

Spore billboard found in San Francisco

One cNet editor spots this billboard while heading to work in San Francisco.  So they are promoting Spore heavily in the US after all.  I wonder what other cities they […]

Spore: It’s made up of People

For a game which ’sim’s life, the universe, and everything in between – every bit the culmination of decades’ worth of those now bite-sized pieces – and which is modestly […]

SpaceOddity meets Jenna Chalmers, Spore developer

If you head on over to Space Oddity’s Spore Blog, you can catch up on their impressions from the game as well as a few new notes from an event […]

Why aren’t developers embracing user-created content?

Ever since The Sims was released in 2000 (and I guess you could include SimCity before that), user-created content was only something hardcore modders could grasp.  But with the original […]

Europe – Spore advertisement

Why is it that Europe has a cool marketing team?  We already seen what they did to the beach in Belgium.  Now they are placing advertisements throughout various bus stops!  […]